A message via a friend in SecondLife

Today while i was listening g to music at The Pocket  I got an interesting IM from a friend.. I just wanted to pass it along…

My message to the latest gay teen suicides. (pardon the bad sentence structure etc.. this is just free-writing)

we as a community are becoming so stand-offish and too consumed with our emotional drama.
Nearly forgetting to nourish our younger brothers and sisters with perfect trust and love.

there is a way to do this.. while protecting yourself at the same time..

the words themselves are a good start.
you don’t always need an “answer”
just the intent, the idea itself is enough.

Lets be a loving community. This is a dark, mundane time. When all the sedatives are gone, such as; music, drugs, alchohol etc.. we will ultimately have to face ourselves.. in moments of stillness.. which some may be tortured by.

to be alone is okay. Just think of yourself as closer to the authenticity of matter. stillness.

We should stop mastering dirty slang and witty remarks for the sake of …

self importance..

and master love for ourselves, our community and everyone else.

The best idea of maturity is being like a child, responsibly..
exploring the things you like.. whether trendy.. and especially if not.. if it’s healthy and educational, why not?
Let our intent be love.. as much as possible and no it’s not hard..
it is as easy as telling yourself.. that you can

I share this as an ordinary person..

~Nightingale Xuanzang (blogged with her permission)





Is this really how Aussie Men Speak?

I’ll be in Austrialia towards the end of Nov, 2010.. was just wondering…

Cellandra Zon ..A special friend (to many) in 1st and Second Life


Cellandra Zon ~ photo by Teal Freenote


This morning when I awoke I found this weeks Friday Night at The Pocket lineup in my inbox just as I have the last several weeks since I asked her to take over while I am traveling.    I have a few close freinds in SecondLife who deserve much praise and many thank you’s for being good true friends but non more than Cellandra Zon.   She is always there for me to talk to.. (and she listens).  She is always ready and willing to help when I get myself in a jam. She always shares her most interesting finds with me.  She is incredibly talented at choreographing her Light Dancer of Aurora Dance routines (she even makes her own particles) Take a look at this short clip here..

More of Cellandra on You Tube  here

Interview on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe here

Cellandra on Facebook

Cellandra is about the only person I know of that that when she shows up at an event she takes the time fighting lag to individually virtually hug every one of her friends,   when she logs off for the evening she takes the time to IM  every friend on her list one by one to say goodnight (recently she got smart and started doing this in a group chat which is even more fun because I get to see comments from her cirlce of friends along with her own. ) She is a huge supporter of Live Music in SL including running her own Venue Villa Lobos on Tuesday Nights..  She works hard to entertain with her light shows be it her own or for one of the many charities shes involved in.  She always shows up on time and delivers.

Huge Huggs  and  a Heartfelt Thank You to you Cellandra.. May life reward you with peace and love, may you always have a song in your heart…  I am lucky to have a friend like you.


Here The Lineup she booked  for this weeks Friday Night at The Pocket..

Dexter Morph Ihnen ~ Timeless

A while back I was fortunate to be a part of the production of Live n Kickin featuring the High Energy Performance of Dexter Morph Ihnen  http://dexonyx.com/ and his incredible crew of dancers and special effects.. little did I know that he would take the video and and make it in to an incredible Mixed Reality Music Video that I did get to see and just could not wait to share with you all.  I was delighted to find out Dexter would  have the World Wide debut on Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe a couple of weeks ago and finally I can talk about it  show clips and just have fun with it without having to keep it a secret  (like I had to before the debut)  so here is a teaser clip that is now on YouTube …
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The complete video and  interview from Tonight Live is here..

Since SecondLife Newspaper is no longer.. I thought I would go ahead and share a interview I did with Dexter . I cant tell how intimidated I felt when I interviewed Dexter the first time..and he did an incrediblie job of making me feel at ease… but .. well thats just me.  Anyways some great insight on Dexter from back in May of 2009. after the break… Continue reading

San Fran (Bay Area) Pocket Jam Monday Oct 4 7PM

On occasion Musicains from around the grid (and the world) have a chance to meet up in Real Life for Jam Sessions that are always full of great live music you will hear nowhere else..  Tonight all these Musicains gather together in The San Fransisco Bay Area and at The Pocket for one such event your not going to want to miss this if you love live music..

Where: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Freestar%20Bay%20Isle/229/39/22

When: 7PM PST (SLT) until…

Golden Gate over.. The Pocket

1st life My mission for the next several weeks.. and months

If you happened to read the post just before this one you saw that I am currently on a trip, pretty much around the world.

I am fortunate to be able to take this trip for a few reasons the first one being that I have a perfectly good kidney. Not very long ago I had a dying kidney and required dialysis every few days.   This made it difficult for me to travel even within the same state I live in.

With my blood type it was going to be a 3 to 7 year average wait for a kidney had I not found out about a kidney donor/recipient  exchange program in the United States that paired my brother who was not a close enough match for me.. with another recipient who was a close enough match to him,  whose donor didnt match them but matched me perfectly.  In other words my brother donated one of his kidneys to someone else and because of that I got a kidney and can live a normal life again.

I am one of the lucky ones.  A few days before I left on this trip I had a long conversation with my Nephrologist (kidney Dr) who told me that of the 450 or so renal patient load he carries about about 70 of them die each year after an average of 6 to 10 years on dialysis.. from the many complications that inherently come from this life sustaining treatment method.

Since my transplant and the successfull recovery of all four patients involved my Doctor has become an advocate of the idea of a worldwide database that could potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives if only we were all matched with our information in databases that could be accessed by medical professionals all over the world.

Once a  set of matches is made (which could literally happen in a matter of  hours or even minuets).. Arrangements are made and all four or even six people are brought to a hospital for the transplant exchanges all on the same day.

As I write this my Doctor is putting me in touch, connecting my brother and I with people in cities that we plan to visit on this trip to talk about our experience..  to try create dialog among hospitals, politicians, or anyone who will listen to push for a change that will allow for better global co-operation that hopefully one day people all over the world with kidney failure wont have to go thru dialysis and eventually an early death because of it.

I am journaling everything that happens on this trip.. the good and the bad.. I plan to take lots of photos.. of the good and the bad.  I plan to (probably self publish) my story.   I dont plan to share  this story here on a daily basis but when I do publish it I will share the pictures and stories with anyone who wants  to see them.  I will only ask in exchange for a copy you donate to an organization called  “Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes ~ KDIGO

Another reason I am able to go on this trip is that my brother and a friend have started up a private air charter service and instead of ferrying or shipping the 1st of  a few aircraft they purchased from a  Swiss manufacturer directly to the U.S, They were able to take delivery in Europe where the range of the aircraft will allow us to access many parts of the world before we return to the USA.

My brother will be writing a  company training manual for this aircraft as we travel while also showing his children who he is home schooling different parts of the world.

When he asked me to come along I thought long and hard about it.. I said yes, but with a few conditions..  I needed to take advantage of an opportunity to do some good in the world. He and his partner agreed to help me.. even to the extent of allowing some of their aircraft to be used for (any kind of transplant flights) during non booked periods.  🙂

Yes I know,  I am just as important as a  grain of sand on a beach,  But I also know that just one person can make a difference,  and even if I fail, at least I will know that I tried.

Here is a story about one such person,  “Shay Kelly”  of Project 50/50 who has been an inspiration to me more than she will ever know.


Denise W.

Taking a little trip.. (of a lifetime) :-)

Just a quick Itinerary for my friends to see.. if you are  in any of these Cities or Countries shoot me an email maybe we can meet and have a Coffee or Tea…

I have a last min plan in my head for something I want to do  for some people along the way and I dont have time now but tomorrow I will write it up while Im on the flight to NYC and  post it when I get there.

Tuesday Sept 28 leave for connecting flight in NYC to Switzerland to Pick up a bran new  Pilatus Airplane..  (for my brothers new Air Charter Service) 🙂

Then off we go….

Sept 29 to approx  Oct 1 Stans, Switzerland

Approx Oct 1 and 2  Berlin

Approx Oct 2 and 3 Vienna

Approx Oct4 and 5 Venice

Approx Oct 6  thru 9 Rome

Approx Oct 10 and 11 Monaco

Approx Oct 12 to 17 Germany

Approx Oct 18 , 19 Brussels

Approx Oct 20 thru 26 UK (skipped to make more time for World Health Summit)

Approx Oct 27 Bordeaux

Aprrox Oct 28 thru 30 Madrid

Approx Oct 31 Casablanca

Approx Nov 1 Tunis

Approx Nov 2 Naples

Approx Nov 3 thru 6 Greece

Approx Nov 7  thru 9 Cairo

Approx Nov 10 Riyad

Approx Nov 11 thru 15 Dubai

Approx Nov 16 thru 18  India

Approx Nov 19  thru 22  Singapore ,Jakarta

Aprox  Nov 23 thru 27 Darwin, Melbourne Canberra, Sydney

……Stick the Pilatus Airplane on a ship in Sydney then,

Nov 28,  Begin commercial flight back to Los Angeles via Honolulu


Denise W.  (Delinda)

WARNING:  (If you are a criminal hacker type who can figure out where I live based on my Ip stuff be warned…My home will be very well protected and if you try and break in  you will be sorry and I will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law!)

Friday Night at The Pocket Sept 24, 10

Want a drama free layed-back put a smile on your face and have some fun kinda night? Friday Night at the Pocket This week … Sept 28, 2010 8PM Dexter Morph 9PM Nonge Shipman 10PM OhMy Kidd 11PM Blues Heron 12AM Rosedrop Rust 1AM OhMy and The Kidds.

The Pocket, Great … Live Music,  multicolored Elephants, kangaroos..and YOU..  Oh and a Unicorn too!  🙂


This Friday Sept 24, 10 .. Be a part of..The Follow World Tour in a Day 2

The Follow will be holding their second World Tour In A Day powered by LimeCoral on September 24, 2010. Through the virtual world of Second Life this band from Columbia, MO will be able to continue their efforts of having an eco-friendly tour. The Follow’s tour, kicking off in Australia at 5am PDT, has them traveling around the world, stopping in five countries and coming back home to the USA for their final show at 9pm PDT. There will also be real life venues across the world that will be hosting the live concert via video.
Influenced by U2, Radiohead, and Pink Floyd, The Follow have enjoyed sharing stages with various artists such as Plain White T’s, Billy Corgan’s Zwan, & Gravity Kills. With six albums, one DVD, and hundreds of live performances, The Follow received airplay on college and commercial radio across North America while supporting the releases by touring in the United States and Europe.
The Follow entered the virtual world of Second Life (SL) in 2009 as way to continue touring in a more globally conscious way. The band members drive a Honda Insight hybrid to the broadcast location, they use energy-efficient LED lights for their show environment, and most distribution to national and international radio & press is accomplished digitally eliminating plastic CDs, paper envelops, and transportation resources.
The Follow have partnered with LimeCoral Apparel Company, a Pura Vida surf wear brand based out of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Their commitment to create an environment conscious product has inspired the creativity of the product line while infusing it with their “Powered by Green” philosophies of an eco-aware business.  The “Powered by Green” philosophy relates to awareness of the earth we live in and the opportunity for progressive and positive change in all aspects of life.
The driving force behind the band is their friendship and the spiritual connection that they have with the music. The Follow grabs your heart and your soul. They celebrate with you, they cry with you, they shout with you, they rock with you! With the help of technology, they are bringing their passion to the entire world while also trying to protect it.
Friday, September 24, 2010
Ned’s Aussie Pub (5AM PDT) Australia
Eiffel Tower in Paris (1PM PDT) France
Lisbon Events Plaza (3PM PDT) Portugal
Warung Beats (6PM PDT) Brazil
Eccentricity (9PM PDT) United States of America
SL PR Contact:
Kalli Birman – torchia96@hotmail.com
Second Life Booking:
Jenna Dirval – dirval.jenna@gmail.com
Artist Management:
Space 380 – communicate@space380.com
LimeCoral Apparel Company – “Powered by Green”

The Follow in SL is:Troy Shoreland – Vocals/GuitarAJ Darkwatch – Bass/Vocals/SamplesPowers Avon – Drums/Samples

Chapman Zane coming to you Live from the hollow at Whoop’em Up Lodge

This Week Sept 21, 10 on Live n Kickin..

Chapman Zane (Chapman Jones in RL) brings the classic sound of simple acoustic arrangements to your musical table.  If you ask him what he sounds like he’ll tell you straight up, “well, I don’t sound like AC/DC.” And then give a smile. Chap’s been playing acoustic guitar for several decades. He loves his guitars with a passion and names them all. His favorite is Ruby, an old Guild D25 the love of his life gave him. You’ll hear Ruby on most every cut he does.

Chap lives in the Southern Bluegrass region of Kentucky out on the Cumberland Plateau.  As he likes to say, “dead East of the Great Plains and dead South of the Great Lakes.” Along with his wife, the ever so lovely Catherine Faye, Petey, who is an Australian Shepherd Chap call’s “Sparky The Barky Dog”, several cats, a boatload of wildlife and a forest of beautiful pine trees, Chap enjoys life on the farm and writing his tunes. Check out http://www.chapmanjones.com/ for more info.

WhoopEm Up Island is an exquisitely rustic sanctuary boasting several distinguished live music venues including the Rockin’ Roost Roadhouse, Fellowship Gardens, The WhoopEm Up Lodge and the very special Frog Hollow Campfire Theater. WhoopEm Up Island is deeply mixed into the voracious appetite of Second Life music. With a constant serving of music every evening to suit almost any musical palate, the main course is live singer/songwriters with a flair for the acoustic jangle. Raven Bechir and Mikcl Martian are the owners and most gracious hosts of these wonderful venues. Their personal dedication to SL music and SL musicians is what makes WhoopEm Up Island a treasure island of melodies and music.  … A perfect location to film Chapman this week on Live n Kickin..

~photo by Bliss Windlow

Along with the musical side of WhoopEm Up Island, there is a cadre of boutique shoppes from every day apparel to musical instruments to in-world CD sales. You can also enjoy a horse and buggy ride along the meadows and hills of WhoopEm Up Island. During the winter months it’s not uncommon to find skaters entwined in a mid-night lovers ice dance upon the frozen lake.
You’ll also find Red Alert Recording Studios and the Raven’s Wing Record Label on the island. Red Alert is a full service recording studio for artists with original SL music and managed by one of SL’s premier live performers, RB Hamelin. As well, during the winter months, Talkin’ Songs, an interactive workshop for singer/songwriters, are scheduled monthly. MC’d by Chapman Zane, how-to’s, tips and tricks of the trade, from streaming live audio to the mechanics of song writing to copyright information is discussed with select SL songwriters in an interview setting.
With rustic backdrops, lakes, waterfalls and a beautiful pinewood forest, WhoopEm Up Island is dedicated to the music and musicians of Second Life.

When: 9pm (PST) Tuesday Sept 21, 2010

Where: http://slurl.com/secondlife/WhoopEm%20Up/111/176/23

If you can’t make it to the live taping in SL you can still watch live on “in world”  Tv’s  or on  the internet at   http://treet.tv/live(now with live Fan Chat) or later on itunes or  the Treet TV  Archives.

“Live n Kickin” is a  Live Music Weekly TV Show broadcast on the Web on Treet TV and Produced by Perfect World Productions, is now available to be viewed on the Treet.tvwebsite, in world TV’s  and now  on Itunes!
“Live n Kickin “  is  Sponsored by TRAX Live Music Resource Center, , Second NightsProfessional Streaming,  and Moonshiner’s Daughter Saloon

To advertise on Live n Kickin click here

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