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Harbinger. A truly brilliant short film by Phaylen “Hitchcock” Fairchild

I just watched “Harbinger”.  This is my unfiltered immediate reaction.

I use virtual worlds.  I have relationships.  I have fears. I am a real person who has a valid reason and desire to keep her anonymity.  This film touched my fear and made me tremble for a moment.   This film sparked an emotion in me.  This is machinima like nothing else I have seen.  Phaylen.. (WHAT IS YOUR REAL NAME ANYWAY?  (NO DONT TELL ME. DONT TELL ANYONE!))  ..Fairchild you are Brilliant. Once again you have raised the bar in machinima.

What is your reaction? More from Phaylen here


2nd life.. 1st life. What am I doing here? What do you suggest?

When I started this blog a few years ago it was pretty much about SL and my adventures in it.  Then 1st life crept in from time to time and now it seems Im blogging here more about 1st life than I am about 2nd life.   I do see 2nd life as just an addition or extension to my 1st life so I don’t see it as a completely separate thing but they are very diffrent subjects most of the time.  In 1st life we dont really have lag or viewer issues and in 2nd life we dont have health issues.. we cant taste food.. etc.

I do like to post stuff on this blog  from friends about events they are having and just cool stuff I find in SecondLife from time to time.   Not that I deserve it but SL Blogger  Daniel Voyager recently put me on his list of Favorite SL blogs ( Thank You Daniel I’m honored because your blog is one of my favorites!) But I also am passionate about some 1st life issues and I just want to share those passions with my friends and whoever else reads this .

So here I am blogging along about 2nd life then I throw in these 1st life posts and .. what.. huh? aaaack!.  I guess this can be confusing.  Also its not doing justice to the blog as a “SL blog” if I talk about 1st life is it?.. Hmm Im not sure.  This might be one for Botgirl to tackle ( I love Botgirl’s essays on stuff).  So I was thinking to start another blog about 1st life or…maybe organize it with ..what are those things called?  Tags?  Keywords?   Could i just seperate it into diffrent pages? Dang I wish I knew this stuff better.  Anyways I would love to hear your comments and see what you think this just so I can get an idea of where I should go next.  Thanks for your help! Please Comment if you have a opinion on this!


Denise W. in 1st life  (Delinda Dyrssen in SL)

My farewell to Live n Kickin

When Paisley Beebe owner of Perfect World Productions informed me recently that we would not be filming Live n Kickin anymore my first reaction was sadness.  I loved working on the show.  I loved working with most of the musicians we had on, I loved going out with Paisley and finding locations to film it in (try keeping up with her in a sim!)  and I loved seeing the final product entertain people.

We had a good run over 30 episodes were sucessfully filmed despite the lag made availiable to us by Linden Labs at times ,  despite  RL issues that sometimes can keep us from logging in,  despite everything.. we did it.. and we did it well.

I mostly need to thank Paisley for everything she taught me about doing live television in a virtual world as far as I’m concerned she wrote the book on it.    Thank you Paisley.

I also want to thank the musicains and sim owners who were involved with each episode without you there would be no show.

Thank you to Autumnfoxx Sutherland, Tangle Giano,  Truelie Telling, Cellandra Zon, who all work on the show in different capacities  for periods of time and a special thank you to Superdave Spearmann who stood gaurd  (for griefers) all the way thru the series and even directed some of the last episodes. Thank you to Menubar Memorial for all the last Min things he did for the show.  Thank you to Crap Mariner for his quick wit and help,  Thank you to Bliss Windlow who also helped with the bookings and liason.

The good news is that as of right now all of these episodes are avail to watch anytime on Treet.TV’s website (thank you to Treet TV for airing, filming and editing them!)

I will still be working with Paisley’s Perfect World Productions as a music producer for her show Tonight Live (when I get back from my trip) .  Also I do have a show in the works with but it is a little ways off and I will talk about it more later as more details become available.

Any correspondence about Live n Kickin from this point out should be directed to Perfect World Productions. Thank you.



Maxwell Grafs.. 2nd Annual Colonoscopy- Fest in SL

Squeeze your cheeks together and go here at 7PM SL

Friday Night at The Pocket Oct 29 2010

Dang Cellandra what a great lineup! ( I think OhMy ought to fire me and keep you on the job when I get back!) I hope to get up early Sat morning here in Tunisia so I can be there!

at 8PM PST (SLT) log in to SL and go here:


A message via a friend in SecondLife

Today while i was listening g to music at The Pocket  I got an interesting IM from a friend.. I just wanted to pass it along…

My message to the latest gay teen suicides. (pardon the bad sentence structure etc.. this is just free-writing)

we as a community are becoming so stand-offish and too consumed with our emotional drama.
Nearly forgetting to nourish our younger brothers and sisters with perfect trust and love.

there is a way to do this.. while protecting yourself at the same time..

the words themselves are a good start.
you don’t always need an “answer”
just the intent, the idea itself is enough.

Lets be a loving community. This is a dark, mundane time. When all the sedatives are gone, such as; music, drugs, alchohol etc.. we will ultimately have to face ourselves.. in moments of stillness.. which some may be tortured by.

to be alone is okay. Just think of yourself as closer to the authenticity of matter. stillness.

We should stop mastering dirty slang and witty remarks for the sake of …

self importance..

and master love for ourselves, our community and everyone else.

The best idea of maturity is being like a child, responsibly..
exploring the things you like.. whether trendy.. and especially if not.. if it’s healthy and educational, why not?
Let our intent be love.. as much as possible and no it’s not hard..
it is as easy as telling yourself.. that you can

I share this as an ordinary person..

~Nightingale Xuanzang (blogged with her permission)




Cellandra Zon ..A special friend (to many) in 1st and Second Life


Cellandra Zon ~ photo by Teal Freenote


This morning when I awoke I found this weeks Friday Night at The Pocket lineup in my inbox just as I have the last several weeks since I asked her to take over while I am traveling.    I have a few close freinds in SecondLife who deserve much praise and many thank you’s for being good true friends but non more than Cellandra Zon.   She is always there for me to talk to.. (and she listens).  She is always ready and willing to help when I get myself in a jam. She always shares her most interesting finds with me.  She is incredibly talented at choreographing her Light Dancer of Aurora Dance routines (she even makes her own particles) Take a look at this short clip here..

More of Cellandra on You Tube  here

Interview on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe here

Cellandra on Facebook

Cellandra is about the only person I know of that that when she shows up at an event she takes the time fighting lag to individually virtually hug every one of her friends,   when she logs off for the evening she takes the time to IM  every friend on her list one by one to say goodnight (recently she got smart and started doing this in a group chat which is even more fun because I get to see comments from her cirlce of friends along with her own. ) She is a huge supporter of Live Music in SL including running her own Venue Villa Lobos on Tuesday Nights..  She works hard to entertain with her light shows be it her own or for one of the many charities shes involved in.  She always shows up on time and delivers.

Huge Huggs  and  a Heartfelt Thank You to you Cellandra.. May life reward you with peace and love, may you always have a song in your heart…  I am lucky to have a friend like you.


Here The Lineup she booked  for this weeks Friday Night at The Pocket..

San Fran (Bay Area) Pocket Jam Monday Oct 4 7PM

On occasion Musicains from around the grid (and the world) have a chance to meet up in Real Life for Jam Sessions that are always full of great live music you will hear nowhere else..  Tonight all these Musicains gather together in The San Fransisco Bay Area and at The Pocket for one such event your not going to want to miss this if you love live music..


When: 7PM PST (SLT) until…

Golden Gate over.. The Pocket

Friday Night at The Pocket Sept 24, 10

Want a drama free layed-back put a smile on your face and have some fun kinda night? Friday Night at the Pocket This week … Sept 28, 2010 8PM Dexter Morph 9PM Nonge Shipman 10PM OhMy Kidd 11PM Blues Heron 12AM Rosedrop Rust 1AM OhMy and The Kidds.

The Pocket, Great … Live Music,  multicolored Elephants, kangaroos..and YOU..  Oh and a Unicorn too!  🙂

This Friday Sept 24, 10 .. Be a part of..The Follow World Tour in a Day 2

The Follow will be holding their second World Tour In A Day powered by LimeCoral on September 24, 2010. Through the virtual world of Second Life this band from Columbia, MO will be able to continue their efforts of having an eco-friendly tour. The Follow’s tour, kicking off in Australia at 5am PDT, has them traveling around the world, stopping in five countries and coming back home to the USA for their final show at 9pm PDT. There will also be real life venues across the world that will be hosting the live concert via video.
Influenced by U2, Radiohead, and Pink Floyd, The Follow have enjoyed sharing stages with various artists such as Plain White T’s, Billy Corgan’s Zwan, & Gravity Kills. With six albums, one DVD, and hundreds of live performances, The Follow received airplay on college and commercial radio across North America while supporting the releases by touring in the United States and Europe.
The Follow entered the virtual world of Second Life (SL) in 2009 as way to continue touring in a more globally conscious way. The band members drive a Honda Insight hybrid to the broadcast location, they use energy-efficient LED lights for their show environment, and most distribution to national and international radio & press is accomplished digitally eliminating plastic CDs, paper envelops, and transportation resources.
The Follow have partnered with LimeCoral Apparel Company, a Pura Vida surf wear brand based out of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Their commitment to create an environment conscious product has inspired the creativity of the product line while infusing it with their “Powered by Green” philosophies of an eco-aware business.  The “Powered by Green” philosophy relates to awareness of the earth we live in and the opportunity for progressive and positive change in all aspects of life.
The driving force behind the band is their friendship and the spiritual connection that they have with the music. The Follow grabs your heart and your soul. They celebrate with you, they cry with you, they shout with you, they rock with you! With the help of technology, they are bringing their passion to the entire world while also trying to protect it.
Friday, September 24, 2010
Ned’s Aussie Pub (5AM PDT) Australia
Eiffel Tower in Paris (1PM PDT) France
Lisbon Events Plaza (3PM PDT) Portugal
Warung Beats (6PM PDT) Brazil
Eccentricity (9PM PDT) United States of America
SL PR Contact:
Kalli Birman –
Second Life Booking:
Jenna Dirval –
Artist Management:
Space 380 –
LimeCoral Apparel Company – “Powered by Green”

The Follow in SL is:Troy Shoreland – Vocals/GuitarAJ Darkwatch – Bass/Vocals/SamplesPowers Avon – Drums/Samples

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