2nd life.. 1st life. What am I doing here? What do you suggest?

When I started this blog a few years ago it was pretty much about SL and my adventures in it.  Then 1st life crept in from time to time and now it seems Im blogging here more about 1st life than I am about 2nd life.   I do see 2nd life as just an addition or extension to my 1st life so I don’t see it as a completely separate thing but they are very diffrent subjects most of the time.  In 1st life we dont really have lag or viewer issues and in 2nd life we dont have health issues.. we cant taste food.. etc.

I do like to post stuff on this blog  from friends about events they are having and just cool stuff I find in SecondLife from time to time.   Not that I deserve it but SL Blogger  Daniel Voyager recently put me on his list of Favorite SL blogs ( Thank You Daniel I’m honored because your blog is one of my favorites!) But I also am passionate about some 1st life issues and I just want to share those passions with my friends and whoever else reads this .

So here I am blogging along about 2nd life then I throw in these 1st life posts and .. what.. huh? aaaack!.  I guess this can be confusing.  Also its not doing justice to the blog as a “SL blog” if I talk about 1st life is it?.. Hmm Im not sure.  This might be one for Botgirl to tackle ( I love Botgirl’s essays on stuff).  So I was thinking to start another blog about 1st life or…maybe organize it with ..what are those things called?  Tags?  Keywords?   Could i just seperate it into diffrent pages? Dang I wish I knew this stuff better.  Anyways I would love to hear your comments and see what you think this just so I can get an idea of where I should go next.  Thanks for your help! Please Comment if you have a opinion on this!


Denise W. in 1st life  (Delinda Dyrssen in SL)


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