My farewell to Live n Kickin

When Paisley Beebe owner of Perfect World Productions informed me recently that we would not be filming Live n Kickin anymore my first reaction was sadness.  I loved working on the show.  I loved working with most of the musicians we had on, I loved going out with Paisley and finding locations to film it in (try keeping up with her in a sim!)  and I loved seeing the final product entertain people.

We had a good run over 30 episodes were sucessfully filmed despite the lag made availiable to us by Linden Labs at times ,  despite  RL issues that sometimes can keep us from logging in,  despite everything.. we did it.. and we did it well.

I mostly need to thank Paisley for everything she taught me about doing live television in a virtual world as far as I’m concerned she wrote the book on it.    Thank you Paisley.

I also want to thank the musicains and sim owners who were involved with each episode without you there would be no show.

Thank you to Autumnfoxx Sutherland, Tangle Giano,  Truelie Telling, Cellandra Zon, who all work on the show in different capacities  for periods of time and a special thank you to Superdave Spearmann who stood gaurd  (for griefers) all the way thru the series and even directed some of the last episodes. Thank you to Menubar Memorial for all the last Min things he did for the show.  Thank you to Crap Mariner for his quick wit and help,  Thank you to Bliss Windlow who also helped with the bookings and liason.

The good news is that as of right now all of these episodes are avail to watch anytime on Treet.TV’s website (thank you to Treet TV for airing, filming and editing them!)

I will still be working with Paisley’s Perfect World Productions as a music producer for her show Tonight Live (when I get back from my trip) .  Also I do have a show in the works with but it is a little ways off and I will talk about it more later as more details become available.

Any correspondence about Live n Kickin from this point out should be directed to Perfect World Productions. Thank you.




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