A quick story from Morocco. Two lives changing.

Im Trying to save my stories of this trip I am currently on for a little book I want to (self)  publish full of pictures and stories of my adventures that I can hopefully use to raise awareness about Paired Kidney Donor Exchange.. but I just have to share this one with you…

Early Saturday Morning here in Casablanca  I got up and went to the airport to use the internet connection inside the private ( soon to be used for an air Charter service) airplane that we are using for this trip.  I had made arrangements for the 15 year old boy “Circo” who we met earlier the day before to sort of stand guard near the airplane for me while I was in it since it would be about 3AM while I was there  (yeah Friday night at The Pocket starts at 3AM Saturday in Morroco!)

Circo was waiting for me at the Airport and promptly stood guard as I asked him and all was good.  Then it began to rain and I saw him sitting on top of a step ladder with no umbrella .. getting wet so I told him to come on inside the cabin with me and stay out of the weather.  I plugged my laptop speakers in to the cabin system so he could hear (the Live Music coming from SL) too and I we talking.

Soon I found out that Circo is an orphan and is raising his 9 year old sister alone  the best he can.  I also found out that his dream is to be a pilot, and he had never been in the air in an airplane in his life.   Right then I knew that once my brother woke up I would ask him to come over and take this boy in the air and at least let him experience it for the first time.

Daylight came and and I sent Circo home and told him to come back with his sister if he wanted that I would make arrangements with my brother to meet him and take them up.  The smile on his face was literally from ear to ear.  For me it was a reward that I cannot explain but it made me feel soo good to be able to bring some joy to a kid who is having such a hard life.

Circo left and I went back to the hotel where I found my brother and his kids were just getting up. My brother agreed to go take them up we headed back for the airport right after breakfast.

My brother and I are  always at odds and complete opposites when it comes to money and  … well the whole issue of capatalisim as a whole.  I have always been very peace-love-share- the- wealth,  everyone should live equally no one should go hungry in this world type of person and my brother has always been about making money,  your playing the cards your dealt so live with it for the people who cant make it for  themselves type thinking. (he did donate a kidney for me though)

One of my goals when I agreed to come on this trip was to spend some time trying to raise awaress about Medical issues  surrounding paired kidney exchange and an international database around the world and to show my brother how rewarding it can be to help others and stop thinking about yourself for a while.  Hoping that leading by example he might pick up on it by the end of a couple of months with me.

Circo and his little sister and my brother and me and the kids went up thru the clouds on this rainy morning.  My brother let Circo sit in the right seat and take the controls for about 20  minuets.

Circo’s smile and joy got to my brother.  When we landed he asked me to stay with the kids and he took Circo somewhere with him.  When they came back  it was announced that Circos full flying lessons and ground schooling and exams were pre paid for by my brother.

Circos dream of becoming a pilot can now come true.. his life has changed.  he can take his time studying he still has a few years before he is old enough to get his licence but he can start now.

My brother found out the joy of helping out others.  His life is also changed.


Peace.. Denise W.

I will have pictures of Circo and his ear to ear smile in the book. The pictures in this post are just from google.


6 responses to “A quick story from Morocco. Two lives changing.

  • Neko

    You have an amazing heart, and so does your brother.
    You two are doing a lot of good out there.

  • Wytchwhisper

    An that is why you Del are amazing 🙂 I’m so proud of you 🙂 May it be returned to you an your brother 3 fold 🙂

  • Delinda Dyrssen

    Thank You Neko and Wytchwhisper. I dont know about amazing .. but I try and give life %100 in whatever I’m doing if I’m passionate about it. Seems to make a difference.

    • Wytchwhisper

      if peoples give u compliments u supposed to accept them graciously otherwise its like saying u don’t believe us an we could be offended 😛 trust us u iz amazing 🙂

      • Delinda Dyrssen

        ok.. I accept..its not that I dontbelieve you I just dont feel worthy of being called amazing. Thats a big word to live up to! hugs Wytchwhisper.. and YOU are amazing.. I can barely keep up with you ya know?

      • Wytchwhisper

        Aww *blushes* ty DEl that means alot to me 🙂 You don’t have to live up to anything u just do by being u 🙂 If people think u great just by being u then they accept u 4 u which is wicked IMHO 🙂

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