A message via a friend in SecondLife

Today while i was listening g to music at The Pocket  I got an interesting IM from a friend.. I just wanted to pass it along…

My message to the latest gay teen suicides. (pardon the bad sentence structure etc.. this is just free-writing)

we as a community are becoming so stand-offish and too consumed with our emotional drama.
Nearly forgetting to nourish our younger brothers and sisters with perfect trust and love.

there is a way to do this.. while protecting yourself at the same time..

the words themselves are a good start.
you don’t always need an “answer”
just the intent, the idea itself is enough.

Lets be a loving community. This is a dark, mundane time. When all the sedatives are gone, such as; music, drugs, alchohol etc.. we will ultimately have to face ourselves.. in moments of stillness.. which some may be tortured by.

to be alone is okay. Just think of yourself as closer to the authenticity of matter. stillness.

We should stop mastering dirty slang and witty remarks for the sake of …

self importance..

and master love for ourselves, our community and everyone else.

The best idea of maturity is being like a child, responsibly..
exploring the things you like.. whether trendy.. and especially if not.. if it’s healthy and educational, why not?
Let our intent be love.. as much as possible and no it’s not hard..
it is as easy as telling yourself.. that you can

I share this as an ordinary person..

~Nightingale Xuanzang (blogged with her permission)





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