Cellandra Zon ..A special friend (to many) in 1st and Second Life


Cellandra Zon ~ photo by Teal Freenote


This morning when I awoke I found this weeks Friday Night at The Pocket lineup in my inbox just as I have the last several weeks since I asked her to take over while I am traveling.    I have a few close freinds in SecondLife who deserve much praise and many thank you’s for being good true friends but non more than Cellandra Zon.   She is always there for me to talk to.. (and she listens).  She is always ready and willing to help when I get myself in a jam. She always shares her most interesting finds with me.  She is incredibly talented at choreographing her Light Dancer of Aurora Dance routines (she even makes her own particles) Take a look at this short clip here..

More of Cellandra on You Tube  here

Interview on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe here

Cellandra on Facebook

Cellandra is about the only person I know of that that when she shows up at an event she takes the time fighting lag to individually virtually hug every one of her friends,   when she logs off for the evening she takes the time to IM  every friend on her list one by one to say goodnight (recently she got smart and started doing this in a group chat which is even more fun because I get to see comments from her cirlce of friends along with her own. ) She is a huge supporter of Live Music in SL including running her own Venue Villa Lobos on Tuesday Nights..  She works hard to entertain with her light shows be it her own or for one of the many charities shes involved in.  She always shows up on time and delivers.

Huge Huggs  and  a Heartfelt Thank You to you Cellandra.. May life reward you with peace and love, may you always have a song in your heart…  I am lucky to have a friend like you.


Here The Lineup she booked  for this weeks Friday Night at The Pocket..


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