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A while back I was fortunate to be a part of the production of Live n Kickin featuring the High Energy Performance of Dexter Morph Ihnen and his incredible crew of dancers and special effects.. little did I know that he would take the video and and make it in to an incredible Mixed Reality Music Video that I did get to see and just could not wait to share with you all.  I was delighted to find out Dexter would  have the World Wide debut on Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe a couple of weeks ago and finally I can talk about it  show clips and just have fun with it without having to keep it a secret  (like I had to before the debut)  so here is a teaser clip that is now on YouTube …
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The complete video and  interview from Tonight Live is here..

Since SecondLife Newspaper is no longer.. I thought I would go ahead and share a interview I did with Dexter . I cant tell how intimidated I felt when I interviewed Dexter the first time..and he did an incrediblie job of making me feel at ease… but .. well thats just me.  Anyways some great insight on Dexter from back in May of 2009. after the break…

The Syncopation Factor and Life Between Two Worlds

One of the great things about Live Music in Second Life is that occasionally you run across a musician that really makes an impact on the music scene. Australian Dexter Ihnen (Dexter Morph) in real life is one such person. I finally got a chance to chat and find more about why hes one of the most popular Musicians in Second Life.

Delinda Dyrssen: Dexter lets start with something Ive been wondering since I first heard of you… “The Funkalicious one!” Where did that come from?

Dexter Ihnen: Ha ha – It’s so long ago now I almost find it hard to lock down


Photo by Truelie Telling


the moment. But it was in the first couple of months when someone first said it at an event and it got repeated until well, it became a kind of a tag that I happily accepted, being that Soul and Funk have been and are such a big part of my music. So The Funkalicious One is a kind of a parody on Buddha – The Compassionate one – having studied and practiced Eastern philosophy most of my life – the parallel was just too funny to deny 😉

Delinda Dyrssen: You do have a message .. a certain spirit you convey in your music. Can you tell me more about this?

Dexter Ihnen: Of course….. How long do we have …. No seriously, it’s important to me as an artist to know what it is you have to say and why. An artist needs to know their intent – in fact that goes for all of us, but before an artist can truly come from their center and reach others I believe that that is vital, so, I endeavor to ‘lift’ my spirit in order to lift others when I perform. Lifting oneself up is paramount to realizing dreams – rather than be disappointed in what we think we haven’t got – be grateful for what we have and dream about the rest. In the making of that dream into the material world there is an alchemic quality that we need to apply to our inner life and that is what I endeavor to convey. The evolution of mankind actually depends on that in my view 🙂

Delinda Dyrssen: Well must admit.. I know I get an uplifting feeling when I listen to your music.. and thats just here in the virtual world.. I can imagine what it would be like in Real life. You also have an interesting take on the real life Music Industry. What are your thoughts on this?

Dexter Ihnen: Once again – thats a huge subject with me but I can summarize; Until the advent of CD roms and the Internet the Mainstream Music Industry had all the cards and they played them very tight to their chest. I saw and experienced a lot of what I call ‘Art Crime’ in that period ( the wasting of the talent and financial greed around Elvis Presley is a good example – and that’s what really killed him if you ask me) Anyway, now things are vastly different and it is no wonder that the major labels have been and are really scared – kind of karma if you will. Artists don’t need them anymore. That said, I have (through my presence and success in SL ) recently signed to a great Publishing company who embody a new approach to music sales and artist relationship. I have a lot of hope for the future being that I can see great evolution along with the freedom that the Internet brings including and especially at this time – programs like Second Life.

Delinda Dyrssen: Yes the Internet seems to have leveled the playing field a bit hasn’t it. I know you have done support work with some very well known artists like Dizzy Gillespie to AC DC and Midnight Oil.. Tell me what is the biggest difference between playing out there in the real world and playing here in Second Life? And Why do you do it?

Dexter Ihnen: The Biggest difference? Well, to perform in SL you don’t have to risk having a car end up on your hood on the way the gig where you may well have to lug your gear in through the rain, then wrestle with tech difficulties and managers etc., then wait for a month to get paid by them. LOL No really, Performing in SL is simply unique – the interaction between artist and listener is quite remarkable and has made a primo multi-tasker out of this longterm space-case 🙂 The support and feedback in SL is unlike 1st life in that it is clearly visible or graphically visible – however as you play dealing with that can be tricky, if you read while you sing you can get caught in the trap of singing what you are reading. But all in all Second Life is what I call a whole new room in the house of entertainment and I’m happy to be part of the furniture 🙂

Playing live with artists like AC/DC, Crowded House etc. and the plethora of other Australian greats I’ve been able to share the bill with is something that always was and always will be the root of what we call Rock & Roll – or showbiz if you like. The smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd – it’s the physical experience that is it’s own unshakable uniqueness about it.

Delinda Dyrssen: You have a very unique sound.. I think described as a funky plucking of the guitar strings .. a very unusual and great sounding style of it. Tell me more about how this came about and how you would describe it?

Dexter Ihnen: Well I call it ‘Ricky Tick’. It’s a play on ‘pick’ and also a tribute to ‘Steely Dan’ ( of which I am a huge fan – Ricky don’t loose that number ) From a distance and unamplified that is what it sounds like too – a friend was walking into a gig of mine once and heard me playing unamplified ( and so – no bass ) and he said what he heard was all this kind of snapping and clicking lol . It’s a style I formulated on the roads in Europe when I traveled there over a 2 year period. I lived rough on the roads and busked as well as picked grapes in major French vineyards. I wanted to encompass some of the elements of music that I had been listening to for some years rather than just strum the same old way. I used mainly the influences of 4 bass players to achieve the sound. Also, fusion Jazz and Latin rhythms played a big part in the syncopation factor and counter melodies.

Delinda Dyrssen: I love it and yes I do notice a bit of a latin rhythm in some of your tracks. So what is in the works currently for you (Dexter Morph in RL) and Dexter Ihnen here on Second Life?

Dexter Ihnen: Dexter Morph now 🙂 and that’s due to my life between the two worlds – also my life-long penchant for change and evolution. Well, the year so far has been really big in that I have been commissioned to produce a CD for a band here ( that is nearly done now ) and I am also in the early stages of doing my first serious single including video. Later in the year a longterm project of a major album production of my own music will also be completed and released as soon as possible after the single has run it’s course. Besides that, It’s gigs and more gigs. I have also been asked to lecture in a Steiner School and teach Production and Engineering – studio craft. So, there is a LOT going on. Besides all that I get up for a two hour training session most mornings now – just to maintain energy and build focus. I find it hard to function on this level without that.

Delinda Dyrssen: Wow.. I guess the physical aspect is important isn’t it. How can one find your music to purchase it? And what group can they join on SL to find out about upcoming virtual performances?

Dexter Ihnen: Ok in SL my group is ‘Planet Dex’ – so notices come out across that, as well as 8 others usually. Most events will be in the listings also but Planet Dex is the sure fire way to hear. In 1st Life, one can buy my CDs from my website on the audio page. Or email me directly at or go to iTunes and look up both Dexter Morph and Dexter Morph. Better still, come down under and I’ll give you a freebie 😉

Delinda Dyrssen: Well a trip down under may just be in order! last question.. As a successful RL and SL Musician.. What advice can you give to a anyone out there thinking about performing in SL?

Dexter Ihnen: Just do it! It can be tricky to get the hang of it initially but people here are very understanding and I myself am very supportive of anyone who has the gumption to get up and sing or play music – it’s good for the soul 🙂

By Delinda Dyrssen


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