Taking a little trip.. (of a lifetime) :-)

Just a quick Itinerary for my friends to see.. if you are  in any of these Cities or Countries shoot me an email maybe we can meet and have a Coffee or Tea…

I have a last min plan in my head for something I want to do  for some people along the way and I dont have time now but tomorrow I will write it up while Im on the flight to NYC and  post it when I get there.

Tuesday Sept 28 leave for connecting flight in NYC to Switzerland to Pick up a bran new  Pilatus Airplane..  (for my brothers new Air Charter Service) 🙂

Then off we go….

Sept 29 to approx  Oct 1 Stans, Switzerland

Approx Oct 1 and 2  Berlin

Approx Oct 2 and 3 Vienna

Approx Oct4 and 5 Venice

Approx Oct 6  thru 9 Rome

Approx Oct 10 and 11 Monaco

Approx Oct 12 to 17 Germany

Approx Oct 18 , 19 Brussels

Approx Oct 20 thru 26 UK (skipped to make more time for World Health Summit)

Approx Oct 27 Bordeaux

Aprrox Oct 28 thru 30 Madrid

Approx Oct 31 Casablanca

Approx Nov 1 Tunis

Approx Nov 2 Naples

Approx Nov 3 thru 6 Greece

Approx Nov 7  thru 9 Cairo

Approx Nov 10 Riyad

Approx Nov 11 thru 15 Dubai

Approx Nov 16 thru 18  India

Approx Nov 19  thru 22  Singapore ,Jakarta

Aprox  Nov 23 thru 27 Darwin, Melbourne Canberra, Sydney

……Stick the Pilatus Airplane on a ship in Sydney then,

Nov 28,  Begin commercial flight back to Los Angeles via Honolulu


Denise W.  (Delinda)

WARNING:  (If you are a criminal hacker type who can figure out where I live based on my Ip stuff be warned…My home will be very well protected and if you try and break in  you will be sorry and I will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law!)


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