How to get traffic to your website or blog..from Treet.TV (for free)

Treet TV CEO Wiz Nordburg said it best.. “Viral Baby!”

Last winter (in the northern hemisphere) when Treet.TV unveiled the new website,  Wiz posted thatin an email or maybe in the forums. Anyway I had to find out what he was talking about.  As it turns out the  way they setup the flash (like You Tube) embedding on the site allows anyone who posts a Treet TV video on their site to instantly get a live link listing on the main page of the corresponding show. for example..

Live n kickin show page

If you look over to  the right you will see “Recently seen at..”

Where you will see the links to the sites where the latest views of various episodes have come from and then link “More Info” which takes you to a listing with more detail and even more listings of recent views from embeded Treet.TV videos like this..

Embedding a video in your blog for example is Fast Easy and Fun! ( sorry Phillip I just had to borrow that one from you..) you simply go to the Video you want to embed on Treet TV  and play it ..While its playing you can right click (or whatever it is you guys do on a mac) and it will say copy embed code.  Paste that into any html edit it and publish.  Your done! More info here on the Treet Forums

Treet.Tv has over 20,000 hits a day ( there are over 3 years of programming in total in the Archives and the shows get traffic due to itunes.) If you or a friend or a subject you want to talk about..or just some great Music from I show I kinda like called Live n out there.  Embed it!

This is free advertising for you, for the content of the video  ..and for Treet.TV and the Show.  Go Viral Baby!  Its all good.


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