A challenge to SecondLife bloggers “Mentor a Linden Day”

Mentor a Linden Day. Im not sure really if this idea started out as a joke or was a serious idea  (because it does sound funny)   Here is some of what I saw about it… View results Search in twitter Mentor Linden.  Apparently it started with a suggestion from Paisley Beebe back at SLCC 09.   Yeah shes good at starting stuff. 😉

I dont know if anyone else has blogged about the subject,  but I want to try and help all of us who want to keep educating, working, creating, collaborating  and

Teaching in Secondlife

~photo from San Jose State Universty

playing  in SL. I think the general consensous is that most of the key Linden Labs employees dont use SL enough to really understand our needs.  Hence the 2.x ..um didn’t Phillip Rosedale say it kinda failed or something to that effect at SLCC 10? ( feel free to correct me if IM wrong)

I believe the idea is..   If some of the really hard core users who spend many hours trying to educate, work, create, collaborate  and or play  in SL were to spend a few hours with some of the key Linden Labs employees.. one on one..doing what they do..showing these  talented lInden Labs people the pitfalls.. the needs, the it would be cool or useful if we could, just even how to sit down or put on a pair of shoes  (Phillip did say it was difficult to do that).  Then..and only then could they really come up with a  viewer and platform that serves most people needs in a Fast Fun and Easy way.

First we need to get their attention.  Some of you SL Bloggers out there have some pretty high readership (way more than this blog) and I know that some of the Lindens read them.  We know they read the blogs.. How do you think they found out about Emeraldgate? ” Pssst Phillip” (or whomever)  “We might have a problem with um.. well you know that viewer that a large percentage of the residents have been using?”

So.. Bloggers, Commentors, SL Residents in general,  anyone.. Ideas.. blog posts,  suggestions,   tweets,  plurks (how about a Resident created logo?  how about a twitter hash tag #mentoralinden? ..lets  get this ball rolling.  I think if we get their attention with this idea..they just might.. might listen to us.  If we get to mentor some of them.. we just might.. maybe..  get a better place in the metaverse for all of us without having to leave SecondLife behind.

An idea I would love to see happen…

Phillip Linden (Phillip Rosedale) announced a neat little contest at SLCC 10to do a makeover of his avatar.Read about it here in New World Notes Ok thats cool Phillip YOU NEED IT and its great PR  but how about his idea…

A contest to see who would get to mentor Phillip himself.  I dont know what the criteria would be and how it would be judged.. but something could be worked out.  However one thing I think should happen.. is.. 4 hours online with your mentor (for all mentored Lindens) no phone calls (except during breaks)..no distractions..just a solid time for one on one conversation.. teaching, showing, discussing and learning what it is us real users of SL  have to teach you guys!

I do want to say that I know there are a lot of Linden Labs employees (like Torley) who know SL and its strengths and pitfalls as well as most of us..  but even they probably see SL from a different perspective than outsiders do.


6 responses to “A challenge to SecondLife bloggers “Mentor a Linden Day”

  • debravity

    This is a perfect idea and I would sign up for it myself except I don’t think I could talk about sl for 4 hours straight, though my girlfriend might disagree. This ‘spend a day with a linden’ idea reminds me that I have always wondered if the grand poobha himself doesn’t have an alt kickin around that he uses to mingle with the masses. I mean wouldn’t you?

    • Delinda Dyrssen

      Well..I probably would have an alt I used for that reason. But ask Paisley Beebe and Yxes Delacroix about the time they interviewed Phillip and and M at Linden Labs in San Fransisco..just over a year ago… From what i understand Phillip didn’t know how to do some basic things in sl.. That tells me ..at least since the old days.. he hasn’t spent a lot of time in SL.

  • Chestnut Rau

    When I tweeted that LL staff don’t use SL the way users do I got tons of pushback from Lindens who said “yes I do” but “as an alt.” So, explain to me then why Oz Linden didn’t know he could sit on a chair without walking through lag just by clicking on the chair? /me shrugs.

    Grace McDunnough was working with M Linden on a project called “Walk a day in our shoes.” The idea was that Lindens would shadow people like you Delinda to see what your SL time is like. That project appears to be dead.

    My opinion on this is entire idea is very lukewarm. LL is a business and it is their *job* to know how their product is used. They should be reaching out to core users to *ask* what we do and what we need. I am a customer, dammit.

    • Delinda Dyrssen

      yeah exaclty Chestnut. Look. I work for a major Hotel Chain. I train people for them. We once had a experimental program/study with customers who wanted to participate (in exchange for some free stays or reward points). We had them tell us what we were doing wrong by spending time with them using most of the services the Hotel offers. Not as in depth as mentoring a Linden could or should be however, the end result was I higher degree of customer satisfaction. There is no doubt in my mind that if this were to be done correctly and in a deliberate and skillful manner that it would have to have an advantage to Linden Labs. And we are offering to do this for free..just so that we can all reap the benefits that would come from it. But first Egos would have to be left at the login screen. Including Corporate Ego.

      No matter what happens..Im not afraid to tell them what I think. Well Im kinda not afraid. hmm ( thank you for the heads up Chestnut!)

  • brinda allen

    OK…I would be willing to try… but…as a senior citizen (I’m 68) my experience is that it’s so very difficult to “teach” anyone anything when they are certain that (A) you’re and idiot…(B) they are stellar.

    I know, I have a bad attitude…But any Linden could change my mind.

  • Delinda Dyrssen

    I dont think You have a bad attitude I just think your realistic.. And i think its sooo cool that your in sl ! I hope IM doing fun stuff like th is when IM 68. 🙂 I should start a signup list huh?

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