New Scifi Machinima Series coming to Treet TV

I dont know toomuch about it yet other than what I read on thier Press Release at Treet it is..

Press Release – ‘Awakening’
In virtual worlds such as Second Life, a new form of filmmaking is growing.  Called ‘Machinima’, stories are being filmed using virtual world avatars.  Since Second Life has no restrictions on the sets or settings, the story is limited only by the imagination of the residents, and their ability to create the world of their dreams.
‘Awakening’ is an ambitious project with the goal of doing what no one has done before – create dramatic, episodic Machinima as a series, that will bring the…
Virtual viewer back for each installment.  Currently the series stands at 14 episodes, each approximately 20 minutes per.  More episodes are in the future, if sponsorship and viewer response is positive, as we are certain it will be.
After releasing ‘Awakening’  in Second Life on Treet TV (, Second Life’s premier in-world Virtual media station, we would push the series out to real life media outlets.  Many companies are looking for this innovative new form of programming for their viewers.  Second Life was featured on an epsisode of ‘CSI NY’, and HBO sponsored and released a Machinima movie titled ‘My Second Life: The Video Diaries of Molotov Alva.’  These well-established corporations realized early, the power and influence this rapidly growing form of Social Networking has on the future of  ratings, and business for the media, and the media advertiser.
Setting:  Approximately 340 years from now
Earth has been struck by a rogue comet in the year 2048 that came in too fast to stop before it struck the planet.  Never investing enough to defend against such a possible catastrophe from space, humans in their arrogance signed their own death warrant.  Nuclear warheads were launched at the invader, but they were not enough to completely destroy it.
A chunk of ice and rock 14 miles wide entered our atmosphere.   It landed in the ocean just off the coast of Iceland.  The governments of the world did not have enough warning to relocate population away from the impact zone, and it really wouldn’t have mattered.  The impact set off a tidal wave that completely washed Europe away.  North America now begins at what was the Illinois border.  Hawaii’s volcano erupted and covered the island in molten lava.  The heat melted the arctic ice cap, rising the sea levels 2 feet world wide.  Clouds of dust and moisture blocked out the sun for 3 years.  Plants and animals died.  Man was about to become extinct.
Surviving World governments reformed and tried to deal with the survivors.  Food riots, chaos, power changing hands over and over in bloody civil war with no one really winning anything.  The end was near.
Then came the Scalians.
Aliens in reptile form, millennia advanced space travelers from the center of the galaxy, they witnessed the comet impact and immediately sent a massive hyperspace capable rescue force to Earth.
The Scalians are a opportunitstic race of beings that arrived on Earth at just the point that Humans were more vulnerable.  They gave the Earth an ultimatum:  submit to their rule, or perish.
We capitulated, and the Scalians came in great numbers to rebuild our civilization, under their rule.
So humans lived as a slave race to the Scalians.  But humans in time rose up and defeated the Scalians, and enslaved them.    For the next 340 years,we lived in peace, with the Scalians living to serve our every wish.  We were finally a race of sentients in the Galactic Alliance of Worlds.
Except that’s not the way it happened.
As we ventured out into space, we encountered other alien races, who were for the most part interested in our rapid advancement with tech that was so far in advance of our normal development pattern.  But the secret of our enslavement of the Scags became Earth’s dirty little skeleton in the closet.  The Scalians were conditioned to secrecy under pain of immediate execution if they even breathed a word to any aliens they came into contact with.
In the centuries that followed, humans were actually taught to believe that this was the arrangement the Scags wanted, and willfully accepted.  They would never give up that which they had stolen.  The truth about what mankind did to the Scalians became lost to history.  True to their nature, the Scags lived their role like model prisoners, and continued to serve mankind, and mankind became more and more dependent on the Scags for even the simplest things.
Mankind would live to regret that…
One man will change the entire fabric of our society, and right the wrongs of the past.  As he continues on his journey of discovery, he uncovers the secrets of Earth’s checkered past, throwing the government into chaos, and becoming a fugitive from justice, determined to expose a secret that is almost too terrible to reveal.
‘Awakening’ is a tale of the worst, and the best, that Humans can become if left to their own devices.  The story is intricate and gripping, the characters are deep and complicated, and the revelation in each episode makes the viewer squirm in their seat, as they realize the truth of human nature.
Douglas Green, aka ‘Doc Grun’  in Second Life
‘Awakening’ Writer/Director and Project Leader.

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