Music sooths.. (1st life and the up and down all around stress rollercoaster)

Over the last several weeks I have been running around like a chicken with her head cut off.  Well let me back up.  A couple of months ago , sadly my sister-in-law passed away in a tragic car accident back in Hawaii.  After going there (from California) the same day as the accident and helping my brother and his two children 7 and 10 yrs old with the arrangements. etc.. after the funeral.  Noticing that there was a deep sadness and void around the house I told my brother.. ( who is ten years older than I) ” Come back  to California with me.  Stay with me a while.  I have to be closer to my work so I can’t stay here but you guys come at least until school starts again  let your minds rest..  You don’t need to be here where everything around you reminds you and the kids of her,  thinking of her and missing her so bad every day.  ”  I was happy to hear him say to me..’ yes.  We will come with you”

I have never had kids of my own and and little did I realize the journey I was about to take part in.  (I’m a fanatic for a clean house.. kids make messes.  That s thier job!  I love them as if they were my own and I knew this is what I needed to do for them and I knew I was doing the right thing..and still am.  But I had no idea how stressfull it can be to be helping to raise two  even well behaved children.  I dont mind doing it.   I love my family..  (My brother and his two kids are the closest family I have. Our parents have been gone for over 10 years now.     more after the break..

So anyways  I think my brother began to sense this and told me he would be looking for a house near me so I could have my space back again.. even though I never asked him to do this.. (He knows me better than I do sometimes).

I was cool with this..and delighted they would stay just down the street from me and I could still help them and see them whenever we wanted.  Stress can be a funny thing.  Good news can cause stress as easily as bad news can.  At first my brothers Idea was he wanted to buy or rent a RV and Travel across the United states during Aug and Sept b4 school started  but he got a bit distracted and decided to ship his small airplane (hes a pilot)  over here so he could use it again and that kind of changed those plans.  I was preparing to travel with them on this trip at least part way as long as I could be away from work without loosing my position and  ..there goes my stress  roller coaster up down all around ~thats how my brain and emotions work.

Meanwhile my brother is trying to teach me how to fly his airplane. He says I should have a pilots licence and take advantage of the opportunity while I can  ( he has FAA ratings up the wazoo  from the big commercial 747’s which he flew until recently all the way to an instructors rating so he can legally teach me.)

I kinda think its a cool idea but.. I can hardly drive a car to be honest.  But I go along with it and thru encouragement from people I’ve met  in SL like Bettina Tizzy and I think it was Jura Shepard and Nber MiDici who are all women pilots..and I didnt even know.  I’ve been giving it a shot. Stress Roller coaster up down all around.

Then my brother tells me about this business idea hes been throwing around for a while now with a famous golfer who he met when he delivered an airplane to him a few years ago.  A charter air service he wants to start up.  So being that my brother is at a crossroads in his life  (hes even home schooling his kids right now) he decides the time might be right to start on this project.  So we went to see the golfer in Scottsdale Arizona last month,  he  and my brother talked business and it  turns out they are going to do this.  They are going to be buying 2 airplanes to start out called Pilatus PC12 and they  have arranged to take delivery on one of them in Europe in a few weeks.  Now my brother has this idea..  hey it would be great for the kids education to take them around europe.. and Egypt..and Southern Africa… and  Indonisia..  and and and you should come with us we can take about 2 months ..take our time fly around the worls pretty much go where we want.   here goes my stress roller coaster..up down all around.. The world!

I get excited about stuff easy..but like a little kid on Christmas Eve its hard for me to go to sleep when I’m like this.   So last few weeks.. I’ve really had some trouble sleeping more than 4 or 5 hours a night then I go go go all day.

Last Tuesday it caught up with me.  Just about 45 mins before filming Live n Kickin.. while I was supposed to be teaching Superdave Spearmann how to direct the show.. I basically passed out from exhaustion.   I felt it coming and I told Superdave do the best he could then I called my brother and he came running over.. I stayed logged in to SL but I  layed down and when my brother came in and sort of over reacted “I’m taking you to the hospital now!”   No im just tired don’t worry   I’ll  go after Live n Kickin or tomorrow dont worry. (all this time Im thinking..dammit you can fly airplanes but I wish you knew how to animate Funky Freddy on that screen the show is about to start!) Well I didnt know this but my brother has fostered a friendship with my primary DR  ..Nephrologist for my Kidney transplant I had a while back and he called him and got him to stop by my house.  !!!! house call?  I couldnt believe what I saw when my DR..Mr Busy Busy Busier than I am I cant see you for 2 more days Im so busy..  walked in to MY house. ( Doc happened be on his way to the hospital and nearby at the time.)

The show had started and I was animating Funky Freddy.  Doc walked over and started checking my vitals signs.  ” her vitals are fine”  Doc Said.  “She passed out a little while ago” my brother told him.  They were talking about me like I was part of the computer and not there.. so funny.  Anyways  Doc sat next to me and started watching what I was doing.. he checked my blood pressure and pulse again.  “The music is soothing you.” he said.  I smiled and went on to twitter and im’s and Treet Chat and all the stuff I normally do.  I felt fine once the music started.   Doc said.. “you can come down for some blood tests tomorrow  but I think all you need is some more  rest.. and try not to do so many things at one time!”  Doc left.   The show wrapped.  I took the sleeping pill that Doc gave me. I stuck my tounge out at my brother.  And Went to bed.  🙂

Now IM going to start going to my yoga classes again.  And keep enjoying music..(moslty in sl but Ill watch some reruns of live n kicking and other stuff too.  And whatever crazy ideas my brother has from now on.. Ill take with a grain of sale and just go along with it.. I dont need to be riding the up and down all around stress rollercoaster anymore.




8 responses to “Music sooths.. (1st life and the up and down all around stress rollercoaster)

  • Cellandra Zon

    Wow talk about a roller coaster ride. Can I come with you, when you go? WOW. smiles. That sounds perfect. Enjoy gf, life goes by so fast.

  • Lauren Weyland

    This is absolutely an incredible blog. First because I have two kids and they do exhaust me. Second I am really very anal in keeping my house together. Oh…so many reasons…and Delinda your heart just makes you so much more special

  • Delinda Dyrssen

    Ty Lauren TY Cellandra sure you can come ! then I can go scuba diving and stuff like that and YOU can watch the kids! 🙂

  • Neko

    Your brother’s new business idea sounds fantastic, I wish I knew how to fly, I’d love to help out. I’m glad the Dr. gave you a (slightly yellow-tinted) green light, your tweets worry me sometimes. I’m surprised you didn’t try to get your Dr. to make an avatar for himself while he was there, so he can watch Paisley and LnK every week. :p

  • Delinda Dyrssen

    Oh Neko he he doesnt have to have an avatar to watch the shows.. he can watch them on the web! and I do email him about the show all the time and he told me he really enjoyed Moshang in the China Sim. He watched it during his lunch one day. 🙂 ( his wife is Chinese)

  • Bliss Windlow

    You rock … always have .. always will .. so very proud to call you friend!

  • Chestnut Rau

    Delinda your constant energy and enthusiasm is infectious. You bring life and joy to SL and I am going to miss you terribly while you are seeing the world. I can’t wait to hear about your trip when you get back.

    Please remember to REST and treat your body well dear friend. ❤ Ches

  • Delinda Dyrssen

    I will Rest.. but first i need to go take a photography class and Im thinking of doing a book.. with a journal and stories and photos from the trip!

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