Your all invited to the Live n kickin booth at Treet Expo Sept 11 and 12, 2010

Hey Live music fans come find out all about Live n Kickin and some of the other Treet TV shows avail for viewing 24/7  on Treet.TV. At the Live n Kickin booth some of the artists who have performed on the show will be giving away free music mp3’s (you can load up your ipod and share live music from SL with your friends in the real world. )  Going to be lots of  great giveaways and hunts  at Treet Expo. Come out and meet some of the hosts and behind the scenes people from your favorite Treet.TV  shows.  While your there make sure you check out the other shows from Perfect World Productions.. Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe and Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington.

Our Booth was Built by Apple MacKay of  the Secondlife Famous Venue Molasky’s Pub Check it out… Thank you Apple!


When: Sept 11 and 12 2010


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