Come out to the Pocket Friday night and be a part of our cast of Characters! 8/20/10

We are all characters in SecondLife, but behind these cartoon avatars are real people and we enjoy Real live music by real people.. This week Aug 20 at The Pocket..

Here is a little bit of what I know about Friday nights Cast of Characters…

~ by Rafeejewell

Maximillion Kleene

SL Profile:

[15:18]  Philip Linden: Max… you sound fantastic!
The Misfits! The FREAKS! The Enemy! The You and Me!
…Those  are  the  ones  for  me.

SL live musician…always checkin’ out the live music scene

Zachh Cale ~ (polished musician who I promise.. everyone will love.  He has

~by Tim Deschanel

even pinch hit for us  a few times and filled in for no shows.. glad to have him booked)

SL Profile:

Musician, Composer and Curator –

Music Manager:  Lyric Wilberg
When you fully commit, the universe conspires to assist you.
project Z is proud to curate Scottius Polke’s latest creation “Lunamaruna”  Congratulations to Scottius for making the Destination Showcase!
project Z artspace is one of my passions in SL, where I’m privileged to support and partner with great artists in SL.

~by Shmoo Snook

Freestar Tammas ~ (Shes sings with more soul than you will find just about anywhere.  Shes a close friend, I think shes crazy but I lover her anyways)

SL Profile:

Current Motto:  So many things “should” be one thing but “are” something else.  Let it be what it is.

Current Status: OK, I admit it, I’m guilty as rezzed.
Just a thought: I see it all as life, not RL vs SL.  I have and value the best of both worlds.
♪ Live musician in SL since May 2007
♪ Live music event planner since July 2007
☆ Owner and creator of the FSB Showcase, a 5 hour Saturday night live music production since Sept. ’07. ☆  (currently on break)

OhMy Kidd~ ( Known as The Hippie with a Haircut, he and Saraine Sands Own

~by Archivist Llewellyn

The Pocket.  I just cause the chaos there)

SL Profile:
I came here as a  tourist, now I find myself part of a community, the SL music scene.  Who would have thought it?
Astronimus Randt~ ( fantastic musical bard unlike any other in sl)
SL Profile:


████████████████████████▓▓▓▓ 93%
Please wait…

~by Tim Deshanel

Live Performance Musican.

Violin, Singer, Guitar, Flute, Keys.
Live from my recording studio. IM me for booking infomation.
Musician, composer, tunesmith and network tech in real life.
Just installed RealLife Version 2.1 with Reality Packs II, III, and IV, deleted the Drama Pack.

Rosedrop Rust ~ (He sings with laughter and plays like lighting. Oh and hes an IM Poet!)

~by Wendyofneverland Fussbudget

SL Profile:
Live musician
Host of the RoseDrop Media Circus Podcast @
Performance schedule
I so like the feeling of instruments in hands. It’s like ……… touching paint, or feeling wood grain, it’s thrilling.
Come out to the Pocket Friday night and be a part of our cast of Chracters!
Friday Night at the Pocket.. Few Rules.. Just Great Live Music and Fun!
Feel free to comment-about them.. especially silly antidotes  I love those!

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