Jamm for Genes in SL Rally Time!

Calling all Second Life Residents, employees, former employees, owners, and friends of SecondLife residents.. its 2:39PM sl time and all that our 30 hour marathon of live music has raised as of this post is $128,500L. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE ALREADY DONATED, but we have a long ways to go if we are going to hit the goal of 500K by Midnight (or whenever Alienspeaking decides to wrap it up)
500k is what we raised last year so we didn’t raise our goal this year due to the economy but any of you can afford a couple hunderd Lindys right? This is for childrens genetic research with global benifits and OhMy Kidd (Matthew Davies in RL) guarantees every linden collected will go to The Australian Childrens Medical Research Institute after Sl Transfer fees.
We dont have a paypal setup for this but if you can hop in world for a min and IM me Delinda Dyrssen before midnight Ill send you a tp to the Kiosk and you can come hear the “sound of Lindens going to a good cause”
9 hours left..I know we can do it! All of the details and links are below in earlier posts.

Thank You,
Delinda Dyrssen (whos RL owner was born with a genetic disease)


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