Audio Post ~A challenge from me to all of you

(sorry about all the noise but I had to get some Chai!) 🙂

Here is the current Lineup all other details in post below..

Tp here:

Jamm for Genes Friday Aug 6

6 PM Mar Biddle
7 PM Auzzie Blackburn
8 PM Army of Ignorance
10PM OhMy Kidd
11PM Dexter Inhen

Jamm for Genes Saturday Aug 7

12AM Angelica Svenska
1 AM Hazideon Zarco
2 AM Jaggpro McCann
3 AM Lyn Carlberg
4 AM Spike Luckstone
5 AM Gina Gracemount
6 AM Random Pappentas
7 AM Shannon Oherlihy
8 AM  Starrfish Ohmai
9 AM Celticmaiden Warrior
10AM Ande Foggarty
11AM The Follow
12PM Truelie Telling
1 PM Ross Melody
2 PM FrankLea Anatra
3 PM Cellandra Zon
4 PM RB Hamelin.
5 PM OhMy Kidd
6 PM Wread Writer
7 PM Pmann Sands
8 PM Rara Destiny
9 PM OhMy & The Kidds
10 PM ZeroOne Paz
11 PM Alienspeaking

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