How I use my Favorite Browser (Chrome) for SL (and Why You should too)

I have a couple of computers I use regularly a notebook and a desktop and a (Made for SL Specs) new one that I bought from a freind of my brother a few months ago.. which I’m not using at the moment but thats another story.

Like some of you (not the really old farts!)  my first experience with being “online” was with AOL then when I went to college I actually discovered the internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape. I preferred Netscape because all the cool people were using it.  OMG.. peer pressure from the other geeky people! Oh by the way my roomate used a MAC and I tried Safari but I just love my right click too much to get used to a Mac.  Eventually I found out about Mozilla FireFox and I loved it  ~bye bye Internet Explorer!

Enter Google Chrome.  Obviously Google doesn’t need me to rant and rave about any of their products  the company seems to be doing just find without my help.. but I’m saying this for my friends..   Try Chrome for 1 week.  Just do it.  You don’t have to get rid of your other browser(s) you can still keep em don’t worry the world wont end and I think you will thank me later for talking you in to trying it.  They taught us to say NO to Drugs.. not Google.

home page on Chrome

I don’t use the internal browser in SL (SecondLife).     Often  I open my browser while I have SL going and NO OTHER  BROWSER opens up even half as fast as Chrome does  when I have SL open or when I dont.  As you’ll see in this screenshot above  (I use regular Chrome for SL browsing and related stuff and I use Chrome Plus for my 1st life work) .  Pictured above  is how chrome comes up for me and most things I use are 1 click away youll see them across the top and in the middle.  The pages you see in the middle are my most often used websites (Chrome takes a care of keeping track of that automatically for me but its still freindly nice enough to let me organize things if I want to).

Yaah yeah I know people say Oh Googles trying to take over the world.. oh Google tracks all the websites you go to and throws advertising at you!..  Thats fine with me.  If I have to see Advertising on the internet like we all do..I would rather see an ad about Virtual Worlds or Mobile Devices or somthing like that than an ad about farm equipment or something that doesn’t pertain to me . (nothing against farmers ok I love you guys I like to eat.)

Just go try it ok?  Lemme know what ya think.. here’ s the link.. You should have it up and running in about 3 mins.


5 responses to “How I use my Favorite Browser (Chrome) for SL (and Why You should too)

  • Paisley Beebe

    hmmm me thinks Safari is a bit quicker…I’ll set the timer…

    • Delinda Dyrssen

      Paisley IM not talking about Mac! If I cant right click I dont want it. lol no I like mac but I have to use PC for work .. I might buy a Mac eventually just to experience the advantages of using one.

  • Arimo Teixeira

    Ya know! I installed it on one computer but never tried it. But on the others… Google keeps asking me if I wanna update. I’ll try it Delinda. That was easy wasnt it. Hehe ARRRIMO 😉

  • Arimo Teixeira

    Oh! That is fast! Ty Delinda! ARRIMO 😉

  • Ener Hax

    i first tried chrome a year ago and hated it. i had been using firefox for a few years and uninstalled chrome after a few days

    fast forward to now – i ONLY use chrome. i don’t know if it changed or if i changed, but it works so well for me. i even have the portable apps version on a USB drive for use at work and it works just as well from a flash drive =)

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