Americana. Zen Revnik at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

Tuesday July 20,10  on Live n Kickin.

Oklahoma City Singer- Songwriter Zen Revnik  (John Randolph in real life) merges pop, rock, folk, americana, and jazz. His lyrics honestly explore the depths of depression, but with optimistic self-revelation. He writes about the complexities of relationships, a desire for

acceptance, and a longing for clarity. Using percussive rhythms and jazz progressions with accessible pop sensibilities, Randolph delivers expressive, Appalachian-tinged vocals.

Raised in the Mid-Ohio Valley, John Randolph was handed his father’s trumpet when he was only two years old and surprised his family with one perfect tone. “My parents were always very supportive of my music and made sure I had the tools to pursue it”, says Randolph. He grew up listening to his father’s Herb Alpert, Al Hurt, and Rafael Mendez records. In junior high school he discovered 1980’s contemporary jazz artists like Wynton Marsalis and Jeff Tyzik and the iconic Miles Davis, and Doc Severinson. He started writing songs and playing piano at sixteen, under the pop influence of Richard Marx, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel.

In His early 20’s John picked up the guitar and  listening to alternative bands  like Toad the Wet Sprocket and Big Head Todd and The Monsters, and was inspired to form his first rock band, Mundane Rain. The group played predominately to the college crowd and the festival circuit..   more of  John’s Bio on his website

“I feel that I have really only begun to scratch the surface of my songwriting abilities and feel I am always evolving as a musician. I love getting the opportunity to share my music and hope to inspire others the way I have been inspired.”  ~John Randolph

Frank Lloyd Wright June 8, 1867 – April 9, 1959

Frank Lloyd Wright was an american Architect who inspired countless others.  In 1991, the American Institute of Architects named Wright the greatest American architect of all time and Architectural Record published a list of the one hundred most important buildings of the  previous century. Twelve Frank Lloyd Wright buildings appeared, including Fallingwater.

Fallingwater exemplifies Wright’s passion for the outdoors, open social gathering places such as the very deck  that extends from the home where we will film this weeks Live n Kickin thanks to the FLW Virtual Museum in Second Life licensed by The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

“The FLW Virtual Museum exists within the virtual world of Second Life  and is intended to serve as an educational construct allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a 3D environment of the works of architect Frank Lloyd Wright sm. The Virtual Museum is located on a 16 acre landmass named Usonia and houses many reproductions of Wrights buildings, art glass, furniture and in-depth information pertaining to his creations.”  ~FLW Virtual Museum

When:  9PM PST (slt) July 20, 2010


If you can’t make it to the live taping in SL you can still watch live on “in world”  Tv’s  or on  the internet at with live Fan Chat) or later on itunes or  the Treet TV  Archives.

“Live n Kickin” is a  Live Music Weekly TV Show broadcast on the Web on Treet TV and Produced by Perfect World Productions, is now available to be viewed on the website, in world TV’s  and now  on Itunes!
“Live n Kickin “  is  Sponsored by TRAX Live Music Resource Center, , Second Nights Professional StreamingNats Jazz Club and Moonshiners Daughter Saloon.

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One response to “Americana. Zen Revnik at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

  • Cellandra

    It’s going to be a fun place on Tuesday night, that’s for sure.
    I’ve been in the FLW buildings in RL. and for me In SL they are tooo low and confining. Even tho in RL they are full of light and space. Does that mean I have gotten used to more space than in RL? Grins.
    Great article Delinda.

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