The Lighthouse Adventure in Second Life

Everything below the line is by my niece whom I’m teaching how to blog I just helped her with the pictures in SL a little .. ~Delinda


I went on Second Life this morning with my Aunt Dee and she was showing me how to fly and do stuff.  She was making a video with her friend Toxic then we turned off Second Life and turned it back on,  Thats called a relog.

We went to a facinating place called the Crows  Lighthouse  in  the Fastnet location.  Here is the Address we found using the map system in Second Life so you can vist  this historical place. The website for this location that you can visit in person is here..

Im learning how to take my own pictures and put them on a blog.  some of these pictures that you will see below my Aunt Dee adjusted Second Life for me but I clicked on the snapshot button and took them my self when I was ready.

Fastnet with Red Sky

This is the first picture we took  to show how it looks at sunset  and then another,

Fastnet Lighthouse at night

This is how it looks at midnight  then we go to morning!

Fastnet Lighthouse in the morning on a cloudy day

Its best to got in the daytime you can see better. Even if you go to the real one.

Then a Purple Helicopter came to land!

here is a closer picture of it almost landing

This Lady is a good helicopter pilot!

Her name is Judy

Helicopter Pilot Judy Dressler

My Aunt Dee and her talked for a few minuets about websites and she doesnt know her. She was nice and Aunt Dee told her I was with her and that we are going to put her picture on the blog where you are now!  Judy used to be a fashion designer on SecondLife and is going to be back.

Judy got back in her helicopter and said goodbye then she flew away.

There is a memorial for a  sailing accident and some people died in a very bad storm.  You can read more about it at this website

here is a picture of the memorial

a sad memorial

Then I asked my Aunt Dee to wear her favorite clothes that her avatar has in her computer and model it.

My Aunt Dee's avatar Delinda Dyrssen modeling her dress

She said to tell everyone that this dress was made by ColeMarie Soliel in Second Life.  Do you like her shoes? The Dress is really pretty but her shoes don’t go with that dress.

Then we flew up above and took this picture for the ending.

You can see the H.  Thats for the Helicopter to land on.  Goodbye!




One response to “The Lighthouse Adventure in Second Life

  • Troy Rickertsen

    Wow, thank you T. W. for taking us on the journey with you in the blog!

    I really appreciate you sharing about the memorial too. I really did enjoy all the different pictures you took, you are a very good photographer!

    Keep blogging! Be well to one another, and blessings!

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