Gulf Oil Spill Protest and Support Event in SL

“This is not the usual charity event, this is OUR SL protest to this disaster occuring in the Gulf of Mexico, the loss of wildlife, the loss of peoples livelyhoods, the damage done for how many years, we will never know how long this will effect the World, so lets make our voices heard and come and see some of the best artists in SL make their own statements and vent their anger along with you the citizens of Second Life.” ~Event organizors
The event will be on the 30th of July at Gwampas 2 sim venue in SecondLife
9.00AM -9.00PM SL Time
9.00 am    Euterpe Queller
10.00 am    Veronica Weksler
11.00 am    Wolfie Moonshadow
12.00 pm    Idella Quandry
1.00 pm     CraigLyons Writer
2.00 pm     Bones Writer
3.00 pm     CelticMaiden Warrior
4.00 pm     Moonmaiden Horner DJ
5.00 pm     Edward Kyomoon
6.00 pm     Jimmy T49 Dukes
7.00 pm     Noma Falta
8.00 pm     Pmann Sands
9.00 pm     Dexter Ihnen
Should you have any question please contact any of the following:
Emrys Cavan (guitarist with Pmann Sands and the Dark Brothers Band)
Magi McBride (graphic arts) iMagination Gallery & Studio & Blues for Autism Founder
Karin Barthelmess (Poseidon’s Treasure venue co-owner)
Gerome Handrick  (Poseidon’s Treasure venue co-owner)

Take a look at some of this recent footage from The Gulf of Mexico…

Below you will find a list of “Partners on the Ground” that are directly working to help restore and continue to preserve the Gulf/nature.  Please take some time and look over their websites and choose one or a few worthy of your donation, all have a vast amount of information about the “Gulf Oil Spill” and what efforts they are putting forth in this tragic situation.

National Wildlife Federation’s Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund

The National Wildlife Federation works to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future. As the nation’s largest conservation organization, NWF and its 4 million supporters are committed to sustaining the nature of America for the benefit of people and wildlife.

Gulf Restoration Network

The New Orleans-based Gulf Restoration Network works to protect and restore the Gulf of Mexico across five states and several nations.


Help Audubon Make a Difference!  The Gulf oil spill is an unprecedented catastrophe for people and nature in the region. Audubon mobilized quickly to help birds like this pelican, and the environment it shares with us, as soon as the toxic slick began spreading toward vulnerable wildlife and habitats. Now, as the crisis continues to deepen, we need your help. Your support will help fund Audubon’s work to aid birds already suffering the oil’s deadly effects; to protect now-unharmed wildlife in the path of the spill, working to support sound public policy and to meet the long-term challenge of restoring a devastated Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.

The Nature Conservancy

Mission: Restoration

In the wake of the Gulf Oil Spill, the Conservancy is working to restore the Gulf’s health, productivity and resilience. Learn how you can help us.

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