Attention Second Life Musicians.. Check out the New Roadie Hud!

Tangle customizing Roadie Hud for Powers Avon of "The Follow

If your a Musician in Second Life there’s a chance you’ve gotten an IM from me sayin something like.. “Hi would you like to play the Pocket in 5 mins I had a no show/cancellation/resched ?”

On occasion you might be free and say yes but in 5 mins?  So then you hurry.. tp..accept group to rezz  ..aack laggy sim c’mon inventory OPEN!..  stream info   group notice .etc etc etc.. and thats just your Avatar!  Hey you need to plug in in rl too!
Ok. Your Second Life is about to get easier.. even when your not in a hurry.

You stand on the stage where you’ll perform

Roadie Hud fully open

click a  few buttons on your Roadie Hud and in seconds your avvy is ready all your stuff where ya want it  and  NO Grabbing Stuff out of Inventory.. looks like you setup way ahead of time now you can concentrate on making music. Then when your done.. One Click and you’ve cleaned up!

Tonight I  got to meet with Tangle and she showed me how she sets them up  and its easy to customize too.  Thank you Tangle.  Now Ihave a Roadie for setting up Live N Kickin!
The following is from The Roadie Demo Notecard by its creator Tangle Giano .
The Roadie  rezzes your items in place and oriented properly; it animates your avatar; it cleans up at the touch of a button; it minimizes to take up less space on your screen.

Roadie Hud minimized and ready for your next gig

This HUD is specifically designed to make your life simpler as an SL performing musician.  My good friend and SL musician, Reggie Fouroux, approached me with the idea for “The Roadie” and has worked with me as co-creator to refine and develop a tool that will make setting up and tearing down for gigs as simple and streamlined as possible.  No more digging in your inventory to find your tipjar or information board right before a gig.  No more repositioning your items when you rez them out.
Although what you’ll find in the demo HUD are no-modify demo versions of popular items and the products that I make, the full version is capable of containing and managing any of the personal items you already use, as long as you have the proper permissions.**
Additionally the HUD can store and activate your own personal animations, animating your avatar at the touch of a button.
Because each musician is an individual with different needs, you choose the text or icons for the buttons on the face of “The Roadie” HUD.  A generic version with numbers for each slot is available, or you can choose to have a custom texture made to match the functions you will use.
Initially, when you purchase “The Roadie”, we will set up an appointment to configure your HUD to rez your items in your preferred location and orientation. If you have more than one setup that you use, you can use different buttons in the same notecard or have multiple configuration notecards that you use in your HUD.  If you are not afraid of a little math and geometry, I will teach you how to build your own configuration notecard so you can further modify your HUD contents on your own at a later date :-).
Price: $L2,500
This includes the time to completely configure and customize your Roadie

It rezzes your items in place and oriented properly; it animates your avatar; it cleans up at the touch of a button; it minimizes to take up less space on your screen.

Here are some other services Tangle provides for Musicains..

Tipjar Scripts: I build custom tip scripts that provide varied feedback to you as well as customized messages directly to the tipper and in local chat. Tip splits can be set up so they are suitable for venues as well as artists. The scripts can be included in any modifiable object that does not already have a pay function active.

Consolidated Information Centers: These can include any or all of the following: Bio, Booking, and Set List Notecards, Weblinks for MySpace, YouTube, CDBaby, iTunes, an online Calendar, a Landmark to your Listening Booth or other location, a Group Join Link, a Subscribe-O-Matic Kiosk, and more. The Info Center can also serve as a Tipjar with floating text customized to your specifications.

Song Vendor: The Song Vendor is designed to take advantage of existing file sharing technology. You are in charge of what is available by setting up your own files and passwords via an external site of your choosing. Note that the vendor has been tested using both iDisk (available through Apple) and MediaFire (with free and pay options). What the SL user purchases is the links and passwords to download your music and/or movie files from your site. If you would like to know more, please talk to me.

Equipment: The items in your Roadie demo are no mod. Modifiable version are available and we are looking into scripted versions in the future.

Tangle Giano

About Tangle Giano: I am a software engineer in RL and wanted to use what I know to contribute to the SL Live Music Community.  All my products have been born out of two years of watching, hosting, managing, and organizing live music events in addition to listening to you, the musicians, managers, hosts and venue owners. It is important to me to produce the lowest lag items possible as well as give you something that is very user-friendly.  If you have any ideas for tools you would like to see available, please talk to me.  I am always interested in expanding and improving on the scripted items I create here in SL.

So you  if your ready to make your Second Life simpler you can IM Tangle or email her at to purchase ( she doesn’t have it up on xtreet yet) or you can tp to Trax or The Pocket and buy one from her Vendor.  Oh and if you want to try the demo I have one I can pass you in SL just IM me.

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