A sense of humor,and joy in discovery of the unexpected. TrueLie Telling at Lunamaruna on Live n Kickin

TrueLie Telling (Ellen Olhsson in RL) started playing guitar when she was 12, and started performing with her cousin Jan Lewis on the boardwalks of Asbury Park and Atlantic City in the early ’60’s and now performs mostly around Nashville, TN and Second Life.

True-Lie #1 “I play acoustic folkjazzbluescountryrock — they tell me I’m not quite like anybody else, and I never know what’s going to come out next. I just hope you enjoy it as much as I do”

TrueLie #2 ” I’m  extroverted introvert singing baby beatnik Jufi mystic mad hippie violinist computer nerd performing songwriter. I still think having fun is good for me, good for you, good for the world, and so is having an honest cry or an angry wail. I love fiction and hate lies; I tell the truth, thinly disguised.”

Check out some music and more stuff about Truelie here http://www.myspace.com/tuffditties

What happens when you mix Dr. Seuss, Van Gogh, and Antoni Gaudi? You might get a taste of Scottius Polke! But don’t let the influences fool you — Scottius definitely projects a unique voice.

From the initial landing point of Scottius’ latest work, Lunamaruna, his personality immediately emerges through the fantastical landscape: the hand-illustrated and highly stylized textures, the curvaceous structures, the sense of humor in details, and a joy in the discovery of the unexpected.

If you are familiar with Scottius Polke’s art, then you might recognize similarities from his previous installation, mushROOM. In both works his colors are rich and saturated, and the textures are all hand-stylized with a kind of comic aesthetic. Where Lunamaruna differs is in the overall scale and artistic vision – this is not a room, but a whole village – and the details tell an intriguing, perhaps even ominous story and a perfect match for Musician singer/ songwriter..   TrueLie Telling.

When: 9pm PST Tuesday May25, 2010 *

Where: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lennox%20Hill/42/172/3812

*This  show is being filmed by Treet.tv  ~ Entering this Venue during our Live Broadcast Tuesday 9-930pm means your avatar may be filmed and broadcast out onto the internet.  Please leave the area if you do not wish your avatar to be included in filming.

If you can’t make it to the live taping in SL you can still watch live on “in world”  Tv’s  or on  the internet at   http://treet.tv/live(now with live Fan Chat) or later on itunes or  the Treet TV  Archives.

“Live n Kickin” is a  Live Music Weekly TV Show broadcast on the Web on Treet TV and Produced by Perfect World Productions, is now available to be viewed on the Treet.tv website, in world TV’s  and now  on Itunes!
“Live n Kickin “  is  Sponsored by TRAX Live Music Resource Center, , Second NightsProfessional Streaming, and Nats Jazz Club

To advertise on Live n Kickin click here

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