Live Music Flood Relief Benefit for Cypress Rosewood with some of SL’s Top Artists This Weekend

~Graphic.. Taralyn Gravois

On the weekend of  May 1st, 2010 Musician Tony Gerber (Cypress Rosewood in  SL) was at a  gig in Atlanta.  But on his way home that night he was in for a suprise.  Mother Nature had other plans.. This is text from his Twitter page..

Unable to reach my neighborhood, hundreds of roads closed and my house is under water, trying to return home from Atlanta.12:31 PM May 2nd via

My wife & daughter evacuated the house this morning & is safely up on a hill @ the inlaws. I am stuck 50 miles south of Nashville in hotel.12:53 PM May 2nd via

I think the Great Spirit is telling us it’s time to move from that house. 1:46 PM May 2nd via Seesmic

Watching continual coverage of fly overs on Channel 5. All downtown is flooded, it is unbelievable looking and still rising pretty rapidly.5:23 PM May 2nd via

I just heard the newscaster say that our neighborhood was decimated. That doesn’t make me feel very good about it. Many homes just gone.6:56 PM May 2nd via

They are saying now that in our part of town, Bellevue, that it is a 500 year flood…7:38 PM May 2nd via

Word is not good here. Found out that our offices are underwater, most homes in our neighborhood are underwater, 4 ft on the first floor.6:51 AM May 3rd via

My wife & daughter are safe, but trapped on a hill with no way out but a boat. Luckily they are at mom inlaws house. I can’t get close.6:56 AM May 3rd via

and there are more here…

but let me end  this with these two.

With the exception of my music gear with me doing the concert in Atlanta, we probably have lost 95% of our belongings & 100% of our office.10:15 PM May 4th via

Talked to a Progressive insurance agent today and they said “We are sorry, there is an exclusion clause in your policy for water damage.”about 20 hours ago via

If you would like to help out Join us Saturday night May 8, 2010 at The Pocket starting at 4PM sl (PST)

UPDATE Sat May 8 2:40PM PST: Real Life  Star Wars R2D2 Builder Tony Dyson (Azar Shelman  in SL) will be Auctioning off 1-off Digital version of R2D2  personally autographed and signed by him for this benifit.  This Auction will begin tonight May 8, 2010  about 7:45 PM PST and will close at approx 9PM PST tonight May 8, 2010.  You will need to come to the above listed location in Second Life to participate.

UPDATE Sat May 8 2:40PM PST: Unfortunately Cypress  because of the flooding did loose his merchandise he had for sale so if you want to help him out buy purchasing music as far as I understand for right now only digital downloads are avail at

And or Von Johin and friends have organized a similar  event for Friday May 7,2010  were all  working together  for one cause..  To Help out a friend in need.  More info on Fridays event here…   Honour McMillans Blog

And if you cant make it into sl or even if you can.. you can donate directly to Cypress here via Paypal using the  Copper Tip bowl.. I would say go and buy his music from the website but honestly  I dont know for sure yet.. he may have lost all his merchandise he has for sale at the moment.. Ill keep you posted here when I find out more..

If  you would like to doante to The Flood Releif in General..please use this link..


3 responses to “Live Music Flood Relief Benefit for Cypress Rosewood with some of SL’s Top Artists This Weekend

  • Phaylen

    Helping a member of our community during a tragedy is critical, and SL is a wonderful place where we witness people come together to hold up a fellow member.

    However this community has seen many stricken by the flood disaster in TN along with Cypress. For those interested in providing funds to provide temporary housing, clothes and food to the entire TN community effected, some of whom, like cypress, are Second Life residents but may not be as high profile, please also consider donating to the foundation intended to deliver immediate emergency assistance to men, women and children stricken by this disaster.

  • Delinda Dyrssen

    I agree with you 100% Phaylen, Ill go there now to donate too. but I really wanted to help a close friend in need also.. that is why I’m doing this one for him.

  • Phaylen

    Delinda, what you are doing here for those you care about, having been through so much yourself, is why it’s an honor to call you a friend.

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