The Most Enjoyable 90 Mins or so that I’ve ever Spent in SecondLife

Last weekend my freind Cellandra Zon told me about and purchased a ticket for me to go see a performance in SL.. I accepted and was curios to see a paid performance for the  first time and wondering if it could  be any better than others I’ve seen which I loved ..and not to downplay the performances  from Carp Daiblous and Ina Centaur’s  SL Shakespear (now Metaverse Shakespear)

~photo by Cellandra Zon

But from the moment I arrived and was greeted by a host who asked for my ticket I  already detected some excitement in the air by others about to see this  SL performance of Alice in Wonderland brilliantly called  “Alice in WonderSLand .  A door rezzed behind me and I was instructed to to enter the theater through it.  I ended up in the seating area and promptly took my seat on some very basic looking square boxes that looked pretty uncomfortable but hey Its not like I was going to feel the seat with my RL bottom!  I read the notecard I was passed for best viewing  and then I adjusted  my viewer to most of the few settings they  mentioned , including the one that said to “turn off any ao’s ” which I’ll admit I don’t always do but Im glad I did.

Promptly at the scheduled showtime I saw a nicely detailed  set rez and within moments of The Opening Scene with Alice we fell!

~photo by Cellandra Zon

With  Alice. The whole audience!   Now thats NPIRL! At least it felt that way.. suddenly these simple looking little square box like seats had become a way to animate us too!  It was like being on one of those High Tech Rides at Universal Studios or Disnyeland!  And there is more audince animation during the show but I dont want to give it all away here.

After politely asking friends to shut up and stop instant messaging me I began to listen intently to the dialog.  I had already set my Music Stream about halfway and turned up Voice and noticed that the music seemed to be  perfectly timed to the show and that the narrator’s voice was over the stream while  the actors were using voice.  As someone who works around recording voice  when we do the Treet.TV shows like Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe I was immediately impressed with how good everyone sounded.  The levels were even and sound was clear.    I know it takes a lot of work to get to that point.
I haven’t yet seen the recent Tim Burton  Alice in Wonderland Movie but I have to say  I got so engrossed in the performance and enjoyed it so much that I have a newfound appreciation for  the writing  of   Lewis Carroll.  The play on words is wonderful!  And the actors of Avatar Repertory Theater executed (in my opinion)  almost flawlessly.  Accents, voice inflection, timing were all superb despite lag. The costumes and sets were wonderfully well done.  Not only that but actors walked around the stage (which is integral to a story such as this) seemingly effortlessly in a way that if your used to SL you know can sometimes seem impossible.

I recommend  to everyone who enjoys live theater to buy a ticket (if they have not sold out yet) go see this show.   I think this is part of the future of  live entertainment.  I was truly entertained, inspired and immersed.  All without leaving my home.   For the price of about $2 US.  This show is worth paying much more than that to see.

Thank you Cellandra Zon for inviting me!
Thank You ART.  You guys Rock!
**I apologize the Pictures I took are not the greatest  I was too into the performance to really worry about it  but at least you get the idea.  here are a few more.
Love the Card People Avatars!

~Photo by Cellandra Zon

From A.R.T Notecard..
Let the games begin.  Just be careful how you play.  The Queen always wins.  She’s a bit stubborn about this, and will require your attention to her every whim.  And if you lose, it will not only be the game you will have lost, but possibly your head.
Croquet anyone?
The Queen of Hearts, her befuddled King, a very, very nervous Rabbit, and three stooge-like cards will plunge a perplexed Alice into a curious place.  Grab a flamingo and join the actors and designers of the Avatar Repertory Theater and get in the game.
Alice in WonderSLand Performances———
Sunday May 2, 3pm
Saturday May 8, 4pm
Sunday May 9, 2pm
Friday May 14, 11pm
Saturday May 15, 10am
Sunday May 16, 4pm
(Subtitled performance for hearing impaired)
Tickets will be available for purchase on Xstreet.  Just search on WonderSLand.
For more information on the production, visit our INFOHUB for the latest updates at or contact AvaJean Westland or Kayden Oconnell.

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