Maximillion/Tyrehl Pocket Phantasmagora Particle-Parachute for RFL!

Maximillion Kleene has become a huge fan of Tyrehl Byk’s Particle Phantasmagora and Tyrehl Byk is a huge fan of Max Kleen so the two of them got together with The Pocket and decided to try  a unique  kind of event for Second life to showcase both thier talents at one event..

The Pocket with JUMP TARGET!

Tyrehl Byk will present his Incredible Particle Phantasmagora Performance at 8PM  and then……  (Max doesnt know this part yet but IM going to get him to take the stream after Tyrehl’s show  while we are all still up at 4000 meters in the Phantsmagora Theater)  And  Tyrehl Byke will pass out Free Particle- Parachutes and we will all jump down in a glorious  mass of particle-ized parachutes   to The Pocket at sea level where Maximillion Kleene will perform for us live!

Kiosks will be setup for Relay For Life so come out and have some fun  enjoy the performances and take part in the biggest ever mass particle parachute jump in sl history!  (that I know of)  So were calling it The Great Maximillion/Tyrehl Pocket  Phantasmagora Particle-Parachute for Relay for Life!

The Pocket and Freestar Bay Island are not responsible for anyone who forgets to pull the cord..   on the other hand..Max and Tyrehl.. well you can talk to their lawyers.

Maximillion Kleene and Tyrehl are  both very talented..try these links..  Maximillion Kleene,     Tyrehl Byk and here and Recent Interview on Tonight Live  with Paisley Beebe here. New World Notes writeup here.

but whatever you do ..if you want to be involved in this  Event  show up a little early we expect a full sim!

When: 8PM slt (PST) Saturday  April 17th 2010



2 responses to “Maximillion/Tyrehl Pocket Phantasmagora Particle-Parachute for RFL!

  • Orca Flotta

    what a really cool idea!!!
    will try to be there

  • Cypress Rosewood

    It is a shame that 2 of the coolest events in SL have to happen at the same time. My monthly concept show with Kolor Fall and Skye Galaxy is the same time. When is someone gonna develop a system of scheduling so we can see an overview of what SL performances are when and where as to not schedule so much on top of each other?

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