Just another day in Baghdad?

There are people in Second Life who spend countless hours working on spreading the word about peace.  People who don’t believe war should be an option.  When I watched this video last night I tweeted that if it were true (which it is New York  Times Article here) it embarrassed me to be an American. However after giving it some thought I want to take back those words.  I’m not embarrassed to be an American I am just saddened that my country has lost focus on hunting down the perpetrators of the  events of 9/11/01 and has caused even more loss of innocent life like you will see if you watch this video.  It also scares me that these soldiers who are simply trying to serve their country have become so calloused to killing that they can laugh about it as if they were playing a video game and these people they have to kill are meaningless to them?  I’ts sickening so see how we are behaving as human beings.

I want to warn you.  This is real.  This is killing.    I am posting it here in hopes that if you do watch it it will have the impact it had  on me to think about peaceful solutions to the worlds problems..  rather than war.

In the  next few days or weeks I am going to put together a list of groups in Second who are trying to spread the message of peace and post it on a new page here on this blog.  If you are involved with any  of them please leave a comment and any details you would like to share.


Denise W ~ Delinda Dyrssen in SL


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