This ones for Heath..

I’m sitting here thinking of the best way to put this..  my goal is to get you the reader  to help a friend who’s down right now.  Yeah I know your already probably thinking.. ‘no not another fundraiser.. sigh  I just gave for Haiti and now I’m working to raise funds for Relay For Life and Amnesty International and Aunt Marci’s cats died  and and and…  sigh..  it seems like everyday someone somewhere needs some kind of  help and I just cant take it anymore!’

Thats how I feel sometimes.  Most of the time really.  But you know what?   Once I give..  once I tell another person.. once I  see that smile on another persons face or hear it in their voice   once I just think  about a person  who  lost everything they owned in an earthquake and will never know me or that I even gave to help them can go to sleep with a safe and sanitary place with a little food and water to survive because  a few people cared.  I count my blessings.   I accept the reward, the “I feel good for helping out feeling once gets”.

Heath Vercher Heath Elvehjem in Second Life is one of those people who gives..  thru his music he has raised many many dollars for RFL, Haiti, Jamm for Jeans, Toys for Tots..  for many others I dont have the details on.. but one  person I know in Second life.. Lehua Lamington who is disabled and was in tears the day her electric scooter arrived at her home in real life becasue Heath decided to raise money in sl wanted to help her can tell you ..  Heath gives.

Recently Heath was performing in SL and right in the middle of his performance his keyboard melted down and now he needs to replace it. I want help Heath can keep doing his thing…  This ones for Heath.

His friends and fans have put together a fundraiser wont you join us?

Saturday March 20 in Second Life at  Sailors Cove Theater

11:00 am to 12:00 pm    Lewton Zerbino
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm    cypress Rosewood
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm    Truelie Telling
2:00 pm to 2:30 pm     Freestar Tammas
3:00pm to 4:00 pm    PonDman Haalan  Mya Shalala

Then at 8PM   Tyrehl Byk’s Particle Phantsmagora

Tyrehl Byk’s Event Horizon Theater

Read the comments about this show here you wont want to miss it..

You can also help out Heath buy purchasing his CD’s here

Please contact  Garret Mehrtens  in SL if you would like to help.


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