Tyrehl Byk’s Particle Phantasmagoria

Tyrehl Byk’s Particle Phantasmagoria is one of those shows in Second Life (or anywhere for that matter)  that I just cant help raving about.   Particle Phantasmagoriaha   is a dazzling 24 minutes of custom designed particle effects synchronized to a variety of contemporary and classic music. Custom Camera controls bring you right to the stage and give everyone the best view.  Sit back, relax, and let Tyrehl Byk take you on this fantasy ride.

I only have a picture here of the seating area and the Talking Banzai Tree that instructs guests on what to do for best viewing (and starts giving it’s own opinions of Tyrehl) while they wait for the show to start.  Once the show begins and Tyrehl has taken over your camera controls…  no photograph or machinima would do it justice.  There is a great article here by Second Life Newspaper reporter Bixyl Shuftan.

Search  Tyrehl Byk in Second Life’s Event Listings on any given day for show times..   and when you go don’t be late!  There is limited seating at the event,  Tyrehl needs to save as much of the Sim Server’s resources as he can for the scripts he uses to perform the show.

When:  almost every day.

Where: Tyrehl Byk’s Event Horizon

The show is free to attend and includes a wonderful  Particle Flower gift..
Each flower is uniquely designed and produced by Tyrehl Byk. Collect and trade with your friends to assemble the complete collection of 5 fantasy floral objects!
** You must be seated in a chair to be able to properly view the event. – Set: World > Environment Settings > Midnight3 – Set Draw distance = 200 m –  Set Particles to maximum

18 responses to “Tyrehl Byk’s Particle Phantasmagoria

  • Bliss Windlow

    I sooo agree .. his show is the bomb!!! They should figure out how to bottle this man and let everyone take him home … and when life sucks you just have a little dose of his magic and voila .. instant happy. Talented talented man, fantastic show … great experience!!!

    The best part … he is the real deal, a gentleman, an artist, a heart of gold!!

  • Cellandra

    His show is simply amazing. He’s truly easy to talk with and quite Creative.
    WELCOME to SL. Tyrehl.
    HUGS There’s always room on the grid for good Light Artists.

  • Bixyl Shuftan

    I thought the show was pretty good. First class. 🙂

  • Chad Sawson

    Absolutely a must see event… Incredible art and sound!

  • CL Writer

    A great and unique experience, not to mention some great taste in music! Had a blast!!

  • CardinalWildflower Sommer

    Best show I’ve seen in SL in a long time!! Fantastic job!

  • edclarity

    One of the Best Things i have ever seen in Second Life!! Amazingly Awesome!!! Worth a look to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet!!

  • Dolci Woodget

    Holy crap. Completely mesmerizing! A definite MUST SEE in SL!

  • Chibi Lexenstar

    Simply put, it was amazing!

  • Maximillion Kleene

    Just about the coolest thing I’ve seen in SL in a long time. I couldn’t believe my eyes for a moment. Didn’t think we could see things like this in SL. I’m glad we can. I can’t wait for the next show.

  • Jynx Arun

    Went to Tyerhl’s phenomenal light show the other eve and was completely awe-struck!!! Here’s a sample of comments from fellow spectators:

    whoa!; aaaaaaaaaaaah!; this is so cool; It was breathtaking; wow; so pretty; this is sick dude; its great; beautiful; love it; has goosebumps; trippy; Wonderful!!!; that is sooo awesome; out of this world …literally; is in a trance; Can’t wait for the next event!!!; i’ve never seen stuff like this in SL; that was GREAT; this is unique and special; SIMPLY AMAZING!; gorgeous; how does he do that?; nice; I’ll definitely be back! ; incredible!; brilliant; the imagination in this is incredible; it’s dramatic; cinematic; unreal; dope; kinda speechless; love how immersive this feels; inspirational man; amazing; LOVES this; I wanna see that again….

    This is something definitely not to be missed… cant wait to see it again!!

  • Trick Rembrandt

    I have to say, that since coming in world I have witnessed many wonderful things. But Tyerhl Byk’s Particle Phantasmagoria only proves what a limitless world Second Life is for it’s residents. This show would blow the minds of anyone that sees it.

    Tyerhl has set the perfect blend of sight and sound into his show. With imagery that would put to shame the most elaborate fireworks display, the music and visuals combine to make unique and original art from this technology. It is not something that you can “just look at” on a video, as the full detail that SL offers makes the performance a visceral experience. You don’t just watch or hear it… you feel it!

    If you are already a resident of SL… you have to go see this show because it’s the coolest thing you have ever seen! If you are not a resident of SL, Particle Phantasmagoria, is another of the many wonderful reasons why you should get an avatar and come in world. You would certainly appreciate being a part of a community of highly creative people, and understand why we all commit the insane amount of time we do, to our Second Life!

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  • Jane Lane

    Tyrehl Byk’s Particle Phantasmagoria is a MUST SEE event unlike any other in SL. Make the time to check this out, you will be glad you did!

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  • Phaylen

    It was the quintessential virtual experience. I wrote a blog post about it too!

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