SL Songwriters Workshops Series.. you want to learn to write Music.. Dont miss this!

~ The 2nd SL Songwriters Workshops Series ~ This begins on Sunday February 21, 2010 Details below but first a little background…

* A quarterly series of songwriting workshops featuring the finest performing songwriters in SL.
* All songwriters in a Kick-Off Concert. (3 hour show with each performer doing 30 minutes)
* Each of the songwriters will conduct a one-hour  workshop in an informal setting – one per week in the weeks immediately following the quarterly kick-off concert.
* Kick-off concert will be simulcast LIVE on IndieSpectrum Radio.
The first series kick-off concert was delivered on December 5, 2009 featuring:
Bones Writer
Carmel Daines
TallGuy Kidd
Moondoggirl Moomintoog
The kickoff concert drew 300+ avatars over a 4 hour period and currently the dedicated group “SL Songwriters” has reached 49 not including group staff and pro songwriters.
WHEN: February 21, 2010 from 1pm to 4pm
Concert Schedule:
1:00pm – Edward Kyomoon
1:30pm – Cylindrian Rutabaga
2:00pm – Strum Diesel
2:30pm – Shannon Oherlihy
3:00pm – Beth Odets
3:30pm – Dexter Ihnen
Workshops Schedule:
2/28 @ 4pm – Dexter Ihnen
3/7    @ 1pm – Cylindrian Rutabaga
3/14 @ 1pm – Beth Odets
3/21 @ 1pm – Shannon Oherlihy
3/28 @ 3pm – Edward Kyomoon
4/11 @ 1pm – Strum Diesel

For more information, or an invitation to join our group “SL Songwriters”, please contact:
PonDman Haalan, Producer The SL Songwriters Workshops Series


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