PonDman Haalan on LnK.. Romance and Pixel Dreams Feb 9.10

Alton Rex (PonDman Haalan in SL) first heard the call of music at the age of 8 when he bought his first trumpet and convinced his mother to enroll him in the band program at the local public grade school in Kansas City, MO.  He pursued this instrument the next 14 years through high school and college.  Writing his first poems and lyrics in the wake a self study “Poetry in Contemporary Music”  he soon found himself drawn to the guitar so he could compose music for his words, and wrote his first complete songs at the age of 15  … Best way to get to know him is to let his music and songwriting do the talking.

here is an excerpt of Altons poetry  and romance from his orignial song….

“a Kiss and thats all”  ©Alton Rex

Delight in your eyes when we casually met
The stars were so bright and you’re lips were so wet
To laugh and repose in a garden of lights
Small talk over coffee long into the night
I knew it when we first stood at your door
At the threshold of bliss, and the promise of more
Some moments are magic, in time they stand tall
I’ll cherish you both with a kiss and that’s all


Just a kiss and that’s all, that’s all this first night

To take any more would just not feel right

We’d lose every moment spent taking the fall

I’ll cherish you both with a kiss…  – and that’s all

… You can listen to six of his original songs recorded live at Longhorn Cavern State Park in the main chamber of the cave www.myspace.com/altonrex PonDmann performs regularly  and also hosts  a Songwriters Workshops Series in Second Life.

Romance and Dreams this week we film at Pixel Dreams Sim ,  home of Tya Fallingbridge’s Pixel Mode ~PM town

They say a picture tells a thousand words..

..and there must be a thousand pictures of this sim ~ Pixel Dreams

9:00 PM sl (PST) Tuesday Feb 9,2010


Theme.. Romance

If you can’t make it to the taping in SL you can still watch live  on “in world”  Tv’s  or on  the internet at   http://treet.tv/live (now with live Fan Chat) or later on itunes or  the Treet TV  Archives.

“Live n Kickin” is a  Live Music Weekly TV Show broadcast on the Web on Treet TV and Produced by Perfect World Productions, is now available to be viewed on the Treet.tv website, in world TV’s  and now  on Itunes!
“Live n Kickin “  is  Sponsored by TRAX Live Music Resource Center, , Second NightsProfessional Streaming, and Nats Jazz Club

To advertise on Live n Kickin click here


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