Help! What hair should I wear? I’ll be on Tonight Live tonight.

Ive been working behind the scenes at Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe for a couple of years now and believe me I’ve seen all kinds people dress all kinds of ways when appearing as guests on the show.

Well tonight its my turn to sit and chat with Paisley (about Live  n Kickin) and  I really cant decide which hair to wear!  Ive taken some pics wearing some of my favorites and I want you all to vote and let me know which one I should use!  Whatever hair is picked I’ll find an outfit to match although I probably wont wear a skirt because I dont like the way they appear to fall through the seating.



Fluno Style

first SL hair

toptor hat

my latest

you can vote here!

Unkind comments will not be tolerated!  🙂

Did the show.. you can see it here.. Delindas Spot Blog


2 responses to “Help! What hair should I wear? I’ll be on Tonight Live tonight.

  • Neko

    I went with your first SL hair because that’s still how I see you in my mind. But your latest and the eva are lovely. I also love the Fluno and Toptor styles. Talk about conversation pieces, lol.

  • Delinda Dyrssen

    well you guys liked my latest look best so I went with it..And I decided to wear my virtual Haiti Relief shirt for the people of Haiti.. Now I need to work on my stage fright! anyways when the show is up ill post it so y9u can check it out if you want. Thank you all for voting!

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