The Lineup. The Links. The Pocket. Jan 1 2010

We are determined to have fun Celebrating The New Year 2010 and invite  all of you who are like minded Happy and drama free to attend.  Starting out the show  at 5PM SL with some New Songs by the Pockets own OhMy Kidd and a plethora of Talent all Eve winding down with an after party type gig with OhMy and The Kidds at 1:am the next day! Even if you cant attend please at least check out the artists  you are sure to find something youll love in the mix!

***** OhMy Kidd Click for: a Video by Celandra Zon with OhMy doing his original song ‘If You Want to” OhMy on Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe

Matthew Perrault

Matthew on Tonight Live

Matthew on Live n Kickin

Dexter Morph Ihnen

Dexter on Tonight Live

Dexter on Live n Kickin

Maximillion Kleene

Max on Tonight Live

PonDman Haalan

“Is That You” by PonDman vid by Kitty Serindpity

Arimo Tiexeira

Arimo on  Live n Kickin

Cellandra Zon  (Light Dancers of Aurora)

Cellandra on TonightLive

Cellandra  performing “Ghost Pirates”

At The Pocket Cellandra will be performing her new show  “Time”

Jackdog Snook

Jackday Snook sings- Damn Americans in Secondlife

OhMy and the Kidds

(ok guys quit playin around and at least put up a Myspace page will ya?)


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