Skye, ColeMarie and When Worlds Collide

To me  one of the best things about Second Life is the arts.  Not to take away from the refined talents of people like Gracie Kendall and Filthy Fluno,  art in the form of performance and Machinima are what I find the most intriguing . So I wanted to share this video made by musician and machinima artist ColeMarie Soliel with a performance by Skye Galaxy. I think you will agree it is a collaboration  by two incredibly talented artists  that shouldn’t be missed.  ColeMarie told me today that she’s editing  more Skye Galaxy vids to post here as soon as today.

Another talented artist is my friend Cypress Rosewood who is also a musician and also practices the “art of interviewing”  on his radio show When Worlds Collide broadcasting from his studio in Second life over Nashville Radio station WRFN every Monday at 7PMslt  (PST)    This week  12/21/09  he will interview  Skye Galaxy.  If you can’t listen or attend live he probably will have it up soon on his website even though  he’s been a bit behind on updating past shows on his website.. I’ve been bugging him about that.. Cypress! 🙂


One response to “Skye, ColeMarie and When Worlds Collide

  • Cellandra Zon

    ColeMarie is a very talented young woman. Not only that, she has a very generous heart.. I love watching her videos as I never fail to learn some technique from them. Keep on shooting ColeMarie. You are good at it.

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