1st life a new 2nd life.. I have people to thank.

My transplant mentioned in post below is successful.  5 days ago I went under the knife in a side by side surgery with my living exchange donor as planned.  Naturally I’m sore and I cant expect an instant recovery and %100 energy right away but the good news is my body has not rejected the transplant and the kidney is working as it should and the anti-rejection drugs are doing there job to keep my immune system from fighting off the new kidney.  As long as I follow Dr’s orders I should be ok.  I should be able to live a pretty normal life again.  How long a person with a transplant can live until they need another is no exact science yet but here is a case of one man that brings lots of hope read about it here.

I want to thank my brother first and foremost for putt in himself “up” as my exchange donor.  Although I actually had a real signed up and verified offer of a kidney from (someone I know only from Second Life who wishes to stay anonymous and I’m waiting for and trying to talk this person in to letting me tell their story)  my brother felt it was his duty as my closest living relative to be my donor eve if it was an exchange and I would not get his actual kidney.  My brother is a 747 Capt for a major US commercial carrier.  The  most important things in his life are his family and flying.   He surely wont be flying any airplanes for the next five or six weeks and I know that drives him nuts but he did it for me. This gets deeper now..the airline (not the FAA)  told him if he donated a kidney he would put himself into a health category that would prevent him from working for them  as a pilot anymore.  In order to be my donor and still fly commercially he had to retire from the airline hes been with for over 15 years.  However after he uses up all his sick and holiday pay,  hes going to sign on with a foreign carrier and will be flying again.   He also made sure to bring the 4 of us in the exchange ..together so we could have the side by side surgeries which are obviously the best way a person can receive a transplant.  Right now as I type this he is making arrangements for the other two parties to be med-flight relocated back to their home city to finish recovering near their families.  Thank you and a million I love you’s and hugs.. “Skippy” < nickname my parents used to call him.  Also thank you to his wife  my sister n law and kids Niece and Nephew who have had to endure the changes and drama over the past week and weeks to come.

Thank you to the Drs.. Medical staff and hospital staff who have done an incredible job and worked tirelessly to make sure everyone got the best possible treatment and outcome.  For my personal privacy I wont mention the Hospital name until after I go home.

Friends and Family who have been there for me (including the friends from Twitter and Second Life) There is a real person behind each avatar.

Thanks to Ohmy Kidd (The Pocket) Paisley Beebe and Perfect World Staff for putting up with my inadequacies over recent weeks.

Thanks to Chestnut Rau for razing awareness about the issues. ( I look forward to joining her in this work)

Special thanks to my Lil Sis (cousin) Tracey who used twitter.com/DWkidneyupdate to keep my online friends up to date all in between school and her boyfreind bugging her and Crap Mariner making her wonder if people eat cats.

Also a special thanks to SL Musician Cylindrian Rutubaga AKA RL musician  Grace Buford whos music saved me from going into some sort of paralyzed fear just before my surgery.  Please have a listen and buy her stuff if you like it here.

Im sorry if there is is anyone im forgetting and I hope all the links are good..  if not feel free to fix in a comment.   I need to rest more now.. see you all soon.

Dee, DD,Dee Dee, Del, Delinda….  Denise.


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