1st Life Part 2 I have a Living Donor

First let me say that this fortunate event about to happen to me in no way changes my opinion or passions stated in 1st Life Post a few weeks ago.    Not much time so I must keep it short, wanted to tell those of you who hadn’t heard..A few weeks ago I found out about got into a program like this  (with my Brother who wanted to Donor but is not a match for me) http://transplants.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=112&oTopID=34 .  If you take a quick look youll understand how it works.  Basically my Brother will be exchange kidney with a match for me and be giving his to a patient who also has a donor that  doesn’t match them  but matches me.   All 4 matches and agreement and arrangements t0 exchange were made this past Tuesday the 17th ! So I have a  high  match type Donor.  Monday is surgery.

In  a little while I will get to meet this “Living Donor” and thank her beforehand for what she is doing.. for me and her loved one.   I cant imagine the emotions were all going to feel.. I’m overwhelmed thinking about it now. 🙂  I have 6 family members with  me now and I’m ready for this.. My brother says No big deal for him just a little slice  here and there and hes done.  I could be there 3 days or 3 weeks.. dont know yet.. but hope my body doesnt reject and its not  too long .  Tracey made a twitter update thing cause I was asking her to use mine to update you  guys and she didnt want to so here it is.. DWkidneyupdate.  I hope she doesnt tweet you  too much. 🙂

Oh and one last thing.. if for some reason it goes horribly wrong like accidental giving me too much anesthesia or whatever and I don’t come back.  You know who you are..  I love and cherish my closest friends  and colleuges in SL.   Keep doing what you do best  and don’t forget to have fun doing it.  🙂 And Paisley I still want to be on TL to talk about Live n Kickin!  Yep Ill be back  I have many missions including more Donor awareness  to complete still.  https://delindasdiary.wordpress.com/2009/10/21/1st-life/

Bye Bye for now  Peace, Huggs  and Keep Smiling

If you decide to comment .. I may or may not be around( internet  have in some parts of hospital )to get them thru right away so wont show till I get back to internet.


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