Metropolis returns for limited engagement

metrop 1As far as I  know so far the biggest project of its kind ever done on SL, it took months of working, building,creating, rehearsing and animating.  I understand it was Debbie Trillling’s idea  to do a re-make of  METROPOLIS the first science fiction movie made in 1927 by Fritz Lang, Velazquez Bonetto and Josina Burgess and NMC CARP TEAM joined Debbie to bring it to Second Life.

Above is a clip of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis  you will be amazed at how true to the film the Second Life producers have been at the same time using the advantages of Second life to script in seating which takes you thru the set in ways that would hardly be possible in RL

I don’t know how long the show will run this time ( maybe check comments Ill try and get one of them to fill in)  but I can tell you video doesn’t do it justice  its  must see in Second Life.  metrop3 edit

Plays again at 2PM SLT (PST)  Sunday Nov 15th, 09

Limited seating so be early you must have one!

They don’t charge to attend but they do accept donations.


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