Rosedrop Rust and Tuna Oddfellow want to get you Virtually Stoned

This week Live n Kickin will feature a unique blend of groovy psychedelic music and mayhem by Rosedrop Rust and Tuna Oddfellow.

rosedrop Rosedrop Rust aka Dan Linn originates from Portland Oregon. He made his first record in 1966, and started playing gigs in San Francisco folk clubs in 1970. This was the beginning of a long career in the musicscene. Rusty eventually worked 20 consecutive years as a co-producer with  the John Lennon Memorial Society.  Not only is he known for his music in Second Life but if you’ve ever seen his announcments you’ll understand how entertaining this man can be before he plays a single note.   Here is his announcement for  this weeks show:  Who are we? The glitches, the greifers, the newbies, the lifers, drama and trauma, liars and criers, lovers and leavers, builders and designers, resellers and design-stealers, alts, slayers, role players, play partners and cross-gender pretenders, friends, enemies, friend’s enemies and enemies’ friends, saints and sinners. I perform at The Oddball Tuesday  at 9:00PM.

Tuna Oddfellow’s Odd Balls have been a Second Life institution since before the summer of 2007 when he won a million lindens from NBC’s America’s Got Talent promotion, “Avatar’s Got Talent.” oddball“The glib pitch for our RL company is:  We get people stoned over the Internet!” says Shava Suntzu, RL CEO and technologist for the company Oddfellow Studios .  “It’s not really quite stoned, but the state is literally like a waking dream — the theta waves the brain experiences in REM sleep.  Plus, it’s fun.  Come see!”

This week the Theme is “Outta this World” so come dressed if you want but whatever you wear please keep it PG youll be on TV.

Dont Miss Rosedrop Rust at The Oddball this Tuesday  because the mind is an Odd thing to Rust.

“Live n Kickin” is a new Live Music Weekly TV Show broadcast on Treet TV and Produced by Paisley Beebe’s CompanyPerfect World Productions, is now available to be viewed on the website, in world TV’s  and now  on Itunes!

“Live n Kickin ”  is  Sponsored by TRAX Live Music Resource Center, Tunes in SLSecond Nights Professional Streaming,Nats Jazz Club


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