How Linden Labs Lost $119.40 USD

Right now I cannot log in to Second Life because “the system”  is not proccessing my credit card.  When I log into the Second Life website is says that I owe $14.95  Usd.  I pay $9.95 for membership and $5.00 for a small parcel I own onthe mainland.  Those numbers add up correctly and this isnt the problem.

Like most people I know I proabably have too  many credit cards but for my own personal peace of mind I only have one that I use for internet transactions.  I use it all the time on Amazon, ITunes  etc..  and it always seems to work just fine with no problems.  Except at Linden labs. I Ive seen this happen before and it seems to take about 2 days to get my credit card to work when using it to pay a bill at Linden labs.  I could just pull out another card and  try it but do to an incedent that happenned to me a few years ago with a major online auction site where thousands of dollars were charged to my American Express unlawfully (this has caused me alot of greif but has been resolved)  I choose to only use 1 credit card on the internet now.

Right now I have more than enough $lindens on my account to pay that $14.95 and move on.  Sounds simple enough .. cash out.  Pay the bill.  Unlock my account.  NOPE.  cant do that. “you cannot do any $L transactions on a suspened acct” or something to that effect is what I got when I tried.  Crap Mariner told me this is because Linden Labs would have to admit its real money and this would cause problems with the IRS.

So here I sit. Waiting to log in.  Tommorow we film another installment of “Live n Kickin”  and there is still stuff I need to to for that.   I have work to do on Second Life.  Perfect World Productions pays me in $L  which I can use in Second Life however I choose or “cash it out”  and use it in my 1st life.

The reason that I pay this 9.95 a month membership fee is to help support Linden Labs and so that I can own land.  I dont own much its just a little 512 that I have my “Pink Cadillac ” CD Store on which sells Virtual CD’s made by Trax out of a vendor.  I  dont have it there to make money although it pays a tiny commission to me on each CD sold its mostly just my way of supporting the Musicians who are selling thier Cd’s on there.  I havent promoted it yet because there are still some things left that I wanted to do on it

I was planning to keep this at least another year and see what happens.  However, to avoid being locked out of Second Life again in the future, when I log  back in I plan to remove all my items from that parcel.  Sell it.  Close my paid membership because I will  no longer own any land.  My Second Life home is on the United Sailing Sims and I rent that parcel so I wont be homeless.  🙂  So $9.95 a month for 1 year = $119.40.  Not alot of money to Linden Labs but I would like to think that every penny counts at least to thier accountants.

Anyone have a nice little 512 I can rent to put my store on?


5 responses to “How Linden Labs Lost $119.40 USD

  • delindad

    About 20 mins after I posted this my card finally did work and my account was unlocked.

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  • Lewis Moten

    I have had the same problems in the past as well. Had about a hundred dollars worth of L$ and couldn’t sell it because my card failed to charge. They tried again in a few days and everything went through fine.

    The Lindens already claim you can make real money on Second Life. That was their main selling point when I came into Second Life. L$ is a currency of it’s own because other people are willing to buy it through a system that they provide.

    Imagine if the Federal government froze thousands of dollars on your credit cards, banks, mutual funds and stocks because you owed them two dollars in back taxes and would only accept cash. Is a credit card real money? It’s just electric ones and zeroes.

  • Ener Hax

    ugh on Linden Lab! it’s like they try to push people away (well, they actually did drive me away)

    i am sorry to hear about this, SL can be wonderful despite Linden Lab!

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