Bones Writer of Trax

Bones Writer of Trax

There is a reason I put an exclamation point on the title of this one .    A few weeks ago Freestar  Tammas IM’d me and said “hey have your heard about this place called Trax?”  They really should be on Tonight Live you know”.   So I went over there  and I got to meet Tangle Giano  the not so silent parter of Bones Writer (Pictured Above)  and she proceeded to take me on a voice tour.  Needless to say I was impressed!  I advise any Venue owner, Fan, and of course Musician to go to Trax Live Music Resource Center   .. meet with Bones or Tangle and spend a little time with two of the nicest people you will ever meet,  who are  also very dedicated to the advancement of  Live music in SL.

Just some of what they do there…  Produce Hosted Streamed CD’s that play high quality  MP3  directly to your land or PC  that you can also  have a copy of  the music in RL when you buy a CD..  They distribute these Cd’s thru the Trax Cd stores and CD Vendors.. ( I have one setup at The Pocket  ).    Listening booths  that fans and venue owners can go to and listen to samples of up to threee trax of each  of the around 100 SL Live Artist’s currently featured.  Excellent educational videos and tutorials that Bones and Tangle have put together including  a place to test streams  and  just get setup for gigging in SLl.. (especially useful if you don’t own any land to stream on).  They even have tutorials on how to ninjam and  a server that you can use to try it out!  All of the educational stuff is free and the booth and stream rentals are very reasonably priced.. as far as I can see they are  pretty much trying to just cover their costs.   If you know someone who is interested in performing in SL.. I highly advise you send them there!  If you know an artist who already performs in sl and is not with them yet..  I would let them knwo about this.. and of course if your a venue owner looking for more artists.. this is an unbeatable resource!  They even have links to each artists calendar in the booths so you can see if they would fit your schedule b4 you even talk to them.  Also for Venue owners you can get lisited there by categorie for Musicans and Fns to find you!   Great Stuff!  Tangle and Bones ..I wish you the best of luck.Best of Paisley Beebe  CD Cover

Oh and my SL bosslady…  Paisley Beebe.  She has a new “Best of” CD out and its the vendor!  Check it out.

Best of Paisley Beebe CD Cover



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