Woops wrong window/IM

We all do it.. we all get them.. After a sudden burst of energy this morning..I decided to go thru my chat log and find some mistaken IMs.. I probably found over 100 of them so Ill do this post in several installments. Some of the names have been changed to JOHN or JANE DOE for obvious reasons.. TO PROTECT THE GUILTY! Enjoy..

Delinda Dyrssen: hey Cell

Delinda Dyrssen: great show today.. the part that went ok

Delinda Dyrssen: cant blame you for SL troubles…

Arianwen Mercy: ??

Arianwen Mercy: lol

Delinda Dyrssen: oh wrong IM

Delinda Dyrssen: sorry

Arianwen Mercy: rofl

Arianwen Mercy: its ok

Arianwen Mercy: giggles


John Doe: how are you my luscious one?

John Doe: you must be busy you usual I wanted to say hi right away

John Doe: sorry Belinda wrong window 🙂 hope you are well


AutumnFoxx Sutherland: *stupid tooth

AutumnFoxx Sutherland: and ffs wrong window sorry del

Delinda Dyrssen: ouch

AutumnFoxx Sutherland: didn’t mean to bug you sorry.. i have an infected tooth

AutumnFoxx Sutherland: just hurts like hell

Delinda Dyrssen: sends huggz and anbasol

AutumnFoxx Sutherland: waits

AutumnFoxx Sutherland: Oops wrong window

AutumnFoxx Sutherland: lol


Frew Lovenkraft: the other side of the river is the second sim

Frew Lovenkraft: wrong window, sorry


Elise Rodenberger: o o o that is cooool, go have a look, are there ppl on the street near u ?

Elise Rodenberger: oops w,wrong window, sorry


Dammit Dawg: pawn shop

Dammit Dawg: srry wrong window.


bigwalter1957 Drut: there u are \

bigwalter1957 Drut: where are u

Delinda Dyrssen: lol

bigwalter1957 Drut: wrong im sorry \


cre8tivefemme Chemistry: sorry eric …. ilost it i had to go

Delinda Dyrssen: ?

cre8tivefemme Chemistry: ahh sorry young lad asking advice and i hit wrong one …. again sorry 🙂 have a great night 🙂


Delinda Dyrssen: lets go race around her sim make up a course for her?

Delinda Dyrssen: oh wrong IM

Delinda Dyrssen: lol

Enniv Zarf: hehe…np


Fiery8702 Tomsen: yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fiery8702 Tomsen: oops wrong window


John Doe: hey Beth !!!

Delinda Dyrssen: no.. Im Delinda

John Doe: oops wrong im


Delinda Dyrssen: which island?

Freestar Tammas: huh?

Delinda Dyrssen: oops wrong im

Delinda Dyrssen: lol


Jane Doe: hello Ms Deg…came on for business related issues…not alone

Delinda Dyrssen: ?

Jane Doe: i am meeting with my management team in about five minutes, and my husband is here in rl….fyi, i am not in a private situation….that’s all:)

Jane Doe: lmao

Delinda Dyrssen: oh ok..np I didnt know anything about a meeting

Jane Doe: wrong window lol

Delinda Dyrssen: lol

Jane Doe: hi!

Jane Doe: ahhhhh

Jane Doe: hehe

Delinda Dyrssen: np

Jane Doe: lmao…your name is spelled just like another friend lol

Jane Doe: so sorry babe:)


Delinda Dyrssen: ok brixton just sent bio and pic

Delinda Dyrssen: oh I didnt get the texture can you send again please?

Delinda Dyrssen: ok you should have both of brixtons items

Delinda Dyrssen: bio and a texture

Nekololi Woodget: 4 what?

Delinda Dyrssen: oh wrong IM


Jojamela Soon: I do love how recognizable it is, the texture is excellent

Jojamela Soon: oops

Delinda Dyrssen: ?

Jojamela Soon: wrong window lol


Noma Falta: look at the one that says jessica

Delinda Dyrssen: ?

Delinda Dyrssen: oh wrong IM huh?

Noma Falta: oph im sorry

Noma Falta: yes another delinda lol

Noma Falta: two delinda’sgrr


Pakito Crimson: creo q es solo tips…es una especie de OPEN MIC

Pakito Crimson: Habia tocado aqui hace tiempo… me han visto conectado y me han preguntado si podia tocar

Delinda Dyrssen: no habla espanol

Pakito Crimson: sorry..wrong window


Jane Doe: if i was really with you right now……i would be all over you….kissing your, rubbing you, tearing off your clothes….

Jane Doe: just so ya know

Jane Doe: 🙂

Delinda Dyrssen: omg

Delinda Dyrssen: wrong IM?

Jane Doe: ooops

Jane Doe: shit

Jane Doe: lol

Delinda Dyrssen: lol

Jane Doe: sorry


John Doe: ok baby my wife will be leaving for work in a few minuets then you an come over to my real house and we will have about 6 hours together

Delinda Dyrssen: ???? what?

John Doe: opps wrong IM

John Doe: please don’t tell anyone


Jane Doe: shall we go to my home or yours

Jane Doe: sorry wrong im lol


The following IMs were seen in a group chat with over 4000 members..

Jane Doe: cum for me quicky before i go

Jane Doe: as you feel my tongue

Titanium Paperclip: no thanks

Abigail Republic: um

Delinda Dyrssen: ??

Tpenta Vanalten: did you realy mean to post that here?

AnnieBlue Octavia dies laughing

Love Holiday: lol too funny

Celestria Henly: O.o

Love Holiday: lil to sexy in here

Satin Galli: wonders what she’s playing

Tpenta Vanalten: I’m guessing wrong chat 🙂


John Doe: hehe wild

John Doe: but very fun i think

Jane Doe: I don’t know if there are free ones to use here or not

Jane Doe: Some places have free ones to use while you are on their land

John Doe: oops sorr wrong window


John Doe: viel zu gross fuer gewisse Ausfluege

John Doe: stares at the definitely wrong window and murmurs an apology


Bernan Pashinin: Jeez, I was just writing you a long email!…

Bernan Pashinin: OOps, wrong window (damn)

Delinda Dyrssen: oh I was waiting for the next part!

Sienna Pinklady: cliffhanger


Wolffe Lancaster: hey how about live music ? into that?

Wolffe Lancaster: oops wrong window

Nippy Moonites: use the postion thingy

Nippy Moonites: you can enter absolute numbers for position

Nippy Moonites: up the object tab

Nippy Moonites: in the editor

Nippy Moonites: enter the xoordinates

MincedMedia Clip: Okay, wrong window, I’ll wager

CapnJac Blazer: thats a good Bet ill have some of that lol


Pato Milo: hello~

Pato Milo: no, wrong window

Pato Milo: sorry


Leah Shikami: How’s it going?

Leah Shikami: me too, but I’m totally stuck.

Leah Shikami: I am so close!

Leah Shikami: Did you find all the shards?

Leah Shikami: ?

Leto Albatros: wrong window leah

Leah Shikami: sorry!

Leto Albatros: lol


Truelie Telling: hope it’s more like the old San Fran than the current

Truelie Telling: whoops… wrong window

Ophelia Loon: lol true not me for change typing wrong window

Truelie Telling: who here doesn’t? you kin throw that first stone…

Ophelia Loon: lol i have hugged everyone in group


Robert69 Little: hea baby.. wendys playing… want to go?

Robert69 Little: opps

Delinda Dyrssen: lol wrong IM huh Robert?

Annasue Barzane: lol

Robert69 Little: yep…lol

Pannie Paperdoll: aw damn, thought he was inviting me


Tracy Serra: nice to meet you Orobin 🙂

Tracy Serra: i can

Tracy Serra: yeo… loud and clear;)

Tracy Serra: *yes

Leyah Renegade: hey Tracy I think you’re in the wrong IM window 😉

Tracy Serra: ears? i guess

Tracy Serra: sry


More to come soon.. I hope I didn’t upset anyone all in good fun. 🙂


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