Come as an avatar – leave as a human being

“Come as an avatar – leave as a human being. Dare you become Homo Sapiens V2.0?” This is what the producers of The Rings are challenging us to do. I would say that after experiencing this full all original “Rock Opera” with a very powerful message and wonderful music (by the same people who did The Wall V.2 in SL ), at the very least you will be left in awe of what can be accomplished in a live performance using all the tools SL currently has to offer. I almost did not post a picture because they really dont do justice to a performance but here s one anyways.. below is some PR they have sent out and Ill pass along…

Scene from "The Rings"

The Rings

The Rings is virtual reality’s first protest rock opera. It has grown over months from new forms of international artistic collaboration. The new show is created by the CARP/Diabolus team of international artists as a follow up to the successful The Wall. Music has been specially written and composed for the show. There are spectacular images and effects and a team of live performers.

The Rings celebrates the miracle of the Metaverse. It asks – is this where humanity can at last unite? Can we overcome the force that pushes us towards global destruction and blames victims for the pain they feel? It reminds us that we can be guided towards optimistic action by great humanists and philosophers.

There will be regular performances on Fridays and Sundays at 2pm SLT. After some performances there will be Rings discussion circles, involving campaign organisations active in Second Life.

A new camera system has been developed to focus audience views in special scenes on closeups of the action. Arrive early to get a seat the sim has been filling up fast for the first few shows so far.


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