9.11 memorial

Saluting Marine at SL 9.11 Memorial

Saluting Marine at SL 9.11 Memorial

Recently I was asked by my friend Bellissima Benneli of Regent Estates in Second Life to help out with a memorial event in Second life. I said yes I would be honored to help out and after meeting with the Regent Estates staff and Melody Regent it was decided that I would help with assigning people to read the names of people who died in the attacks and to do some PR on the event itself. I had no Idea how successful this event would be and I have to say the staff of Regents Estates, all of the people who read, and the attendees and the media “thank You” you were all a pleasure to work with. Thank you all for being involved and letting me be involved with such an important event in RL and SL. Im running out of time to post here right now but I will put up one pic and a couple of links.

Podmafia on the event

CNN Ireport

Sl newspaper

Nikas Video on you tube


One response to “9.11 memorial

  • Fooh

    Are you talking about memorial for the CIA/USA based attack at a democratic state in South America which is 35 years ago at september 11th?
    Yes, thousands of innocent ppl got killed …. 😦

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