Tonight Live Sim Search.. Best Shopping Dist.

Well I have been running around the Grid checking out all the wonderful sims that have entered the Tonight LIve Sim Search Competition… and how can a girl visit a shopping sim without doing a little shopping? I have to say this is getting expensive! Oh well nothing like RL.. if I were running around buying designer clothes in RL like I do on SL.. omg would I be in trouble! Here is the Text for the competition there is still time to get in so IM me in World or email me and we will get your sim on the list.

“Tonight Live Sim Search – Best Shopping District

Now there is a chance for you or one of your staff to be a guest on “Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe ” while we shoot a episode live “on location” in your sim in front of our live audience. Our first Sim Search Category will be “Best Shopping District in Second Life”.

Show will air after June 15th, 2008 date TBA
Last day for submissions: May 31st, 2008

Winner will be announced Live on the Show on Jun 1st, 2008

Tonight Live is a Second Life talk show hosted by Paisley Beebe. Filmed once a week since May 2006. She has three guests including one musical performance every show. “Tonight Live” is filmed Live to air, in Second Life in front of a packed sim at SLCN Studios (over 60 people) every Sunday at 6pm slt, and runs for 30 mins. Tonight Live is a “Perfect World Production” and broadcast on SLCN.TV

The Video is seen live on the show day, (in-world and on the web) as well as repeated over the following few days, on the Live Channel. The archive will be uploaded to the web on and other video sharing websites including Itunes.

To submit your sim contact: Delinda Dyrssen in Second Life
or email: “


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