What I’ve been up to

Lots of things! OK I guess I should give a little more detail. Now where to start….  I sit back and think for a few seconds.. got it!.

Sl-newspaper.com contacted me back in December and asked if I would like to write for them.   I decided it would be fun to do and I’ve posted several interviews  in the people section. I chose to freelance for them doing interviews and although I don’t really get to hang out or talk to the other writers very much I enjoy working with them.  Thank you Dana Vanmoer for the opportunity.

Marktwain White of SLsailing.com contacted me in early January to see if I wanted to do a column every couple weeks on their website about sailing in Second Life ( I have property in Sailors Cove sailing sims and love to sail for fun and relaxation in RL and SL). I talked it over with Mark and I suggested that if it were in interview format like what I was already doing for Sl-newspaper (at least to start out) then I would be interested. Mark came up with a plan and now I write the “Sea Stories” column there. I pretty much stayed with the same format I use for Sl-newspaper except that the subject matter is primarily “SL sailing community specific”. Thank you Mark it’s a pleasure working with you and Jane (Fosset).

I continue to work with Freestar on “Tammas Dyrssen Live Music Events”. We have some events coming up soon and we just took on a RL charity called AngelAID out of Jacksonville Fl who asked us for our help. http://www.angelaid.com/ Please take a moment to check them out. The live music event will take place in early March 08′. I will post more info here as we put it together. I’m also hosting an open mic most Friday nights at “The Pocket” with Ohmy kidd. What a great time we have with “The Pocket Project”. Thanks Ohmy!

About a week ago Paisley Beebe asked me to become Producer of Tonight Live on SLCN! As a huge fan of Paisley’s and the show, I was honored that she asked me to come on board. Right away I knew I would want to do it, however I took a few days to decide if I should take on such a commitment. After a few days of careful consideration I decided to say yes. Now I’m a producer of the show and working with “In A Perfect World” Productions on future projects to be aired on http://www.slcn.tv/ and in-world screens too. I’m lucky to be able to work with such a professional and fun group of people. Thank you Paisley!. Tonight Live is filmed before a live audience at SLCN Studios in Norcott Sim, Sunday nights at 6PM.. drop me a line if you want to come .

So.. I keep pretty busy in and out of SL so if you IM me and I don’t answer immediately please bear with me .. I usually will respond as soon as I can. If you need to tell me something important while I’m not online I suggest you drop a notecard or email me to insure I get the message ( I have been noticing my IMs getting capped lately) .



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