Happy Holidays

Well I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I wish you all a happy and exciting new year!  I mentioned before tat I would post the total amount raised at Twilight Gates for Toys For Tots and the total was… (drum roll please)  446610 Lindens!  That was in direct donations through the donation boxes at Twilight Gates (thank you Unmasked Shepherd for those and all the other great work you did for the event).  As it turns out people all over Second Life were raising funds for Toys For Tots this year and I have no idea what their totals were but regardless of what it was Kudos to you all for helping such a great charity!  I believe that putting a smile on the face of a  child has a tremendous value and long lasting effects for the individual and even humanity as a whole.  Once again many thanks to all who participated in every capacity for this incredible Second Life community accomplishment!

People talk about New Years Resolutions.  I resolve to not have any!  Actaully Im not going to push myself into doing anything I really dont want to do just because its the beginning of the new year, h9owever those of you who do .. well .. “may the force be with you” as they say in the movies! Oh that sounded corny didnt it? This is just my way of geting out of making and keeping any new Years Resolutions. 🙂

There is one thing I know I want to get involved with on SL this year and that is  “Peace Fest 08”.  While I was at a Holiday Party at Tradewinds Yacht Club in SL I ran into “Tonks Akina” who told me all about this effort which sounded to me like something the world could use more of so I decided to sign up and see how I can help.   Ill keep you posted on this as I get more involved and find out more info but it looks like this will be a SL and RL event happening in August of 08″.

Here are some links:



Thats all for now.. DD


One response to “Happy Holidays

  • secondlifejunkie


    WE look forward to your talents playing a big role, DD! You are way cool!

    I love your blog btw….

    Life is good.


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