Thank You Second life people!

Thank you to everyone who participated in every capacity with the Twilight Gates Toys For Tots Holiday Festival!  The numbers are still coming in now (2 Days after the event was over)  however I can tell you that over $440,000 L was raised tor Toys For Tots Toy Drive!  The residents of SL have once again proven that there is more to Second Life than a bunch of flying body parts the RL news seems to focus on.   We are real people, with real feelings, making a real difference!

I will post the exact number of Linden dollars raised  as soon as I have it!  I will thank everyone individually in SL.  Pictures are posted on my Flicker page but I didn’t get time to snap very many so if you have some please let me know!


2 responses to “Thank You Second life people!

  • Sting Rhode

    Hey Delinda. I missed you, girl. So sorry you missed part of it. The drive was excellently put together thanks to you, Freestar, Neko and everyone else. Guess what, I made it onstage this time LOL. Keep on doing great work and take some rest whenever your body calls for it.
    It couldn’t be done without you.

  • Kwaispock Tammas

    Yes! Get well soon. And thanks for all you do 🙂

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