My apologies…

I apologize for my inability to attend and contribute due to what was probably avoidable had I not immersed myself in so many personal and SL projects at one time.  When I came down with the flu earlier this week It was suggested to me that I step aside and let a backup person take on duties.  Instead I thought I was superwoman and could deal with being sick and continue working.  Basically due to my actions I ended up dumping it all on Freestar Tammas and her assistants.  My deepest.. sincerest apologies to you Freestar, Nekololi, Insky, SLCN and  all of the other dedicated and hard working sponsors and and incredibly hard working volunteers who ended up having to cover me at the last minuet.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for doing such an amazing job as I can see what was collected for Toys For Tots  in the first Eve of this event.  You are all incredibly great people, some I have known and some I have come to meet for the first time as you have decided to contribute to this.  I say this with my eyes swelling with tears of joy from seeing what love can do… even in  a digital virtual world.   Ive been given a punishment by The Powers that be.. after looking forward to these two days for weeks I had to miss the first half of it.  I will slow pay more attention in the future to what my friends, partners and co-workers are telling me.  I will step aside when they ask or suggest.   I will do my best to be a better person to work with and depend on.  Once again… Thank you.. and God Bless you all. HUGE HUGGZZ………. Delinda


One response to “My apologies…

  • Licentious Maladay

    Hi Delinda,

    The Toys for Tots fundraiser was such a success. I understand that the MODA team alone brought in 65,000 of the 400,000 raised, your biggest single contributor!

    Unfortunately I understand that MODA was left out of the coverage of the event. Is there anything you can do after the fact to acknowledge the work put in by the MODA team?


    Licentious Maladay

    MODA Modeling School

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