Last Week

last week was one I will never forget  in my real life.   My late fathers Uncle passed away Monday Oct 15’th while he was on a cruise in Alaska.  he was off the ship touring a small town called Hoonah which is  in the southern part of Alaska when his heart decided to just stop beating.  He was 86 years old and I loved him very much and will miss him dearly.  Being that  I am who he had listed as next of kin and closest living relative I was called by the local authorities and notified of this and subsequently I had to go to Alaska to retrieve his body for burial back in San Diego.  I quickly called to book a plane ticket and ended up on a flight to Juneu an hour later.   Once I got there i had to board a single engine plane which took me in to the village of Hoonah.  Population bout 300 mostly Native American Eskimos.  I was so out of my element but after 48 hours I had accomplished what I needed to do there while stying in a lodge which was pretty much what you would expect in a small Alaskan fishing town.   By Wed Eve I had made it back to California and logged into sl.  I said my hellos and where I had been.  The next day was the funeral in San diego which I had pretty much planned on the phone from Alaska. Many family members  and friends were there and I got to play my Uncles favorite song on piano which he heard me play at my first Piano recital in Hawaii when Iwas 13.  I barely made it through the song without breaking down but some how I did.  That night after saying goodbye to family .. they all had to leave back to their home states.. I drove home to Newport and walked in my place ..sat down and logged into SL.. tp’ed over to Sailors Cove Theater… heard Ezcape Hax playing guitar and singing and felt so alone and sad in RL that I just broke down into a two hour cry which I guess I needed very much.  I’m coping with this loss now…I’m staying busy but its still hard sometimes.. Thank you to my SL friends for being there.. you really helped me weather you realize it or not.

Some of the things I’m staying busy with now are the Toys For Tots Charity Christmas Show at Twilight gates Dec 8 and 9 and just last night  SLCN asked me to help them promote viewership (they are offering some great free advertising to).  IM me in world or email me at if you would like more information on these things. Bye for now. DD


4 responses to “Last Week

  • Sting Rhode

    My deepest condolences to you and yours on the passing of your late father’s uncle.I wish you all the best in your time of sorrow and want to let you know i’ll be there for you in SL, even though i have been pretty bad at that lately lol

  • Kwaispock Tammas

    I’m very sorry for the grief you’ve been having to go through. Grief can be a very tricky thing indeed. Thank you for trusting us to share your journey with us.

  • MarkTwain White

    I just returned this morning from a 17 day trip to Egypt and found your Flickr friendship invitation. I accepted and popped over to your site for a quick look.
    I am very touched by your ordeal. I had months to prepare for my trip to Egypt, and I was on a trip of enjoyment, but even so, more than a few times felt out of my element that I cannot image just how difficult this was for you and really responated with your comment “I was so out of my element”. During my trip I lost a cousin to post operative infection from a cancer procedure, but was not called upon to do those tasks you had to.
    My prayers go with you and my admiration for what you HAD to do and did well. Welcome home.

  • Patrick Leavitt

    This is a little late, but I too want to offer up my deepest condolences. After meeting and hanging out with you a little bit, you are one of the most active and fun loving people here in SL. It pains me to hear that you were hurting. However, I am glad you were able to grieve and move on. I’m glad to see you back and only wearing a cast from your other latest event.

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