Monday morning

Monday Mornings are great on sl.. hardley anyone is on that I talk to  I had a chance to do some sailing and then I went over to the Sailors Cove Boat Show.. Very cool displays and boats there .  They really put lots of thought and effort into this event Kudos to all involved… I did run into Abella Beck over by her store “Nautical Things” .. I think she was working on sails.. She made a great one for the UnDay organization.. Ill post a pic of it later on on my flicker.  I had a really gret weekend in Rl and SL.. Friday night we rocked out with Ohmy kidd a the the Pocket.  If  you haven’t heard him you really must check him out ..WOW..!  Then Saturday I got to go Sailing in RL with my next door neighbor.. even though the weather  was kinda  bad oh well maybe next time.. better let me go every time she goes…lol her boat sticks 12 feet or so into my dock in RL.

Sat night it was off to Augustine Island for Spacewind Noel’s first performance there… She was really great with her dancers and a whole production crew from Tokyo.. Now that I know what her show is about maybe I can promote her more  ahead of time.. well worth seeing and hearing.  Then off to Freestar Bay for more great music..then sleep..  Sunday brought some RL shopping and some  mundane chores… I ran into a friend from Hawaii I had not seen in many years that was cool.

Sunday night was awesome.. I got to go and hear Starr Singer on SL! another WOW! She is one of the best I have  heard in along time if ever.  What spectacular voice and delivery she has..Finally b4 logging out Sunday night I went to Freestar’s place and we got to start preparing for the Toys For Tots Fund raiser were having in Twilight Gates.  This will be a Christmas music show by SL artists starting at 4PM pacific Time on Sat Dec 8

Bye for now..

“Music is a higher revelation than philosophy”
— Ludwig Van Beethoven


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